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A Conference of the European Conference (of Rabbis)
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The 24th convention of the Conference of European Rabbis will be held in Paris from 3-6 May. It will be held under the patronage of the European Commission, the European Parliament, Mr. Alexander Mashkevitz (President of the Euro- Asian Jewish Congress) and Mr. Moshe Kantor (President of the Board of Governors of the European Jewish Congress). Sponsors include the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and Carmel Winery.

On the day before the convention, members of the Standing Committee, as well as a number of patrons, will be meeting French President Chirac at the Elysee Palace. At this meeting it is expected that a number of current issues and problems facing European Jewry will be discussed with the President.

The three-day convention will be addressed by leading personalities, including Mr. Ricardo Levi of the European Commission, the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Chief Rabbi of France Rabbi J Sitruk (President of the CER), the President of the Central Consistoire of France and the Minister of Tourism for Israel.

The convention will be attended by all the Chief Rabbis of Europe, as well as many congregational rabbis. Chief Rabbi P Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the CER, and Chief Rabbi Shayevitch of Russia, and Chief Rabbi Y Bleich of Ukraine will be amongst the leading Chief Rabbis of Europe. A special award will be given to Mr. Alexander Mashkevitz and to Mr. Moshe Kantor in recognition of their yeoman work on behalf of Jewish life in both East and West Europe.

Some of the issues that will be covered during the sessions at the convention will include business ethics, rabbinic management training, community building, the contribution of Jewish culture to the growth of Europe and halachic issues relating to genetic engineering. Many of these lectures and workshops will be given by leading authorities on the subjects, including Chief Rabbi J Sacks, Dayan Ch. Ehrentreu, Dayan B Berkovits, Dayan M Gugenheim and others.


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