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Talmidei Yeshivos and Avreichei Kollelim Must Carry ID
By Betzalel Kahn

The Education and Finance Ministries are reenacting an old decree: every talmid yeshiva and avreich kollel will now be required to carry identification all day in the event a surprise inspection is conducted.

The directive, which was announced previously but not implemented, was sent to roshei yeshivos and institute directors in the form of a letter signed by Amos Tzeiada, director of the Education Ministry's yeshiva department. "I hereby inform you," he wrote, "that in accordance with the Accountant-General's instructions during field inspections at your institution the talmidim must present a photo (Israeli ID card, passport, driving license, etc.). A student who lacks such an ID card will be listed as absent."

The letter goes on to say the institution will not receive funding for these students.

The institution directors said talmidei yeshivos and avreichei kollelim cannot be required to carry ID all day long in case one day an Education Ministry inspection is conducted. They also objected to the policy of fining the yeshiva because a student is caught without an ID for whatever reason, saying the directive discriminates against yeshivas compared to other educational institutions.

"The government is trying to establish something unheard of, that every yeshiva student, without exception, is presumed suspect," said Degel HaTorah Director-General Rabbi Moshe Gafni. "In fact I intend to look into the legality of the matter. How can a student who comes to learn have to carry an ID card? Do the government ministries think these are checkpoints on the roads or in the Territories? When an inspection is conducted in a Torah-based institution and the student says his name is so-and-so, the immediate assumption is he is suspect or a liar? This scheme is unfair and unconscionable. Perhaps by doing so the Finance Ministry intends to impose further decrees on the yeshivas and thereby to cut their allocations?"


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