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Thousands Visit Kosel Maarovi During Succos
by Betzalel Kahn

Thousands of Jews of every stripe visited the holy city of Jerusalem during Succos, particularly during Chol Hamoed when visitors, including gedolei Yisroel, flocked to the Kosel Hama'arovi to pray and to hold their daled minim near the site where the Temple once stood.

The Egged Bus Company succeeded in transporting thousands of passengers to and from the Kosel every day thanks to careful planning. The police also came prepared, working together with Egged and the City of Jerusalem to allow bus traffic in the area of the Old City. Buses arrived from every part of the city and special routes, including some with separate seating, were added to transport passengers from certain neighborhoods directly to the Kosel.

The City of Jerusalem praised Egged, which incorporated lessons learned from previous holidays and events, placing a large fleet of buses at the disposal of passengers traveling to the Kosel and back. At the exit from the Western Wall Plaza a line of buses stood waiting, particularly during peak hours, and boarding passengers filled one bus after another. Due to security arrangements at the entry and exit points there were occasional delays at the inspection booths, but no irregular incidents were reported.

Yeshivas and botei knesses throughout the city held hundreds of Simchas Beis Hashoeva events sponsored by the City of Jerusalem's Department for Torah Culture. Participants at these events included gedolei Torah, roshei yeshivos and public officials.

Jerusalem Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky received thousands of city residents at the municipal succah set up at Safra Square. He also went with other Degel HaTorah representatives to visit gedolei Yisroel at their homes.

The City of Jerusalem prepared a wide variety of activities for city residents and visitors. In addition traffic police refrained from issuing parking tickets during certain hours of the day when numerous mispalelim arrived, such as the area of Zichron Moshe, Jaffa Gate and the Karta parking lot.


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