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Hats On
by A. Reader

"It's National Hat Week for the Jews," I heard a goy remark,
"They wear them on our buses; they wear them in the park,
There's fish nets, turbans, snoods, all sorts, I wonder what it's for,
Those Jews don't tell us anything, not why and not wherefore."

Oh, little do you know, young man, how great those women are
To disregard their feelings from countries near and far.
When they are told something's a law, they'll listen, come what may,
However inconvenient, they'll do what Rabbis say.
Courageous women do His will with gladness and delight,
Regardless of financial loss, they rush to do what's right.

Never ever has there been a subject so discussed,
Two women meet and then, of course, the topic is a must,
Synthetic, custom, human hair, unadulterated, mix,
Weighty problems will be solved with witty hermenutics.

They say Moshiach's going to come when women act like this,
That women are the ones who'll bring our everlasting bliss,
So ladies, know, believe me, too, we men could not compete,
With your pure faith in what is right, a veritable feat.

And in the end, you'll get them back, complete with hechsher, too,
You'll wear them modestly, of course, befitting to a Jew,
Some men will frown and say they thought they'd banished them for good,
But on the whole, we'll all be glad and admire Jewish womanhood.

Daughters of the King

by Lori Rubabshi

It's always been tradition, a sheitel on our head,
Instead of hats or tichels, I chose a wig instead.
But now the modest sheitel which I wore every day,
May not, in fact, be kosher! I'm throwing it away.

So now I'm buying tichels, what energy it took!
For me to go to business with such a different look,
I'm waiting for Rabbonim to clear up this affair,
Will only the synthetics be allowed to replace hair?
Perhaps they'll make some good ones, synthetics that look real,
And I'll go back to sheitels, where I felt more appeal.

But recently I noticed while wearing my new snood,
The atmosphere on Shabbos took on a different mood,
I saw my friends together, snoods covering their hair,
They suddenly looked regal, and royalty filled the air.
They radiated beauty, my heart began to sing,
An aura of kedusha, from daughters of the King!
It left me with a feeling, before, I didn't know,
That maybe wearing sheitels. is not the way to go.
So now I'm wearing tichels, no sheitel any more,
I've given up tradition for something much much more.

My Child

by Sara Gutfreund

You are my child
With your startled, gray eyes
And your hair full of the sun.
You are delicate, Adina, like your name,
And you give to others with a dancer's grace.
Find your own steps --
I will be there for you, as you grow.

You are my child
With your dreaming, hazel gaze
And your piles of colorful books.
You are a leader, Miriam, like your name,
And your soft voice holds wells of strength.
Find your own gifts --
I will be there for you, as you grow.

You are my child
With your smile full of tomorrow
And your worn blanket dragging behind you.
You are blessed with splendor, Tiferes, just like your name,
And your sweetness fills the room like the scent of baby roses.
Find your own beauty --
I will be there for you, as you grow.

I am Your child
With my arms cradling Your blessings
And my days weaving tapestries I never imagined
You are the Source of our steps, our gifts, our beauty.
Find me as I seek You
For I am Your child
And I know You are there,
There for me, as I grow.


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