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Moral Depravity Cannot be Limited or Directed

Last week Saudi Arabia was shaken when a suicide bomber blew up a police station in the capital city of Riyadh, murdering five people, injuring many more and destroying the building.

Second Chance: Understanding Pesach Sheini
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

In Hashem's Hands

I was once in the Bucharim section of Yerushalayim waiting for a bus when I suddenly realized that I did not have any money with me. For a second I panicked, wondering what to do. Suddenly I caught myself and thought, "Is it really the money that allows us to travel? Isn't it ultimately Hashem who takes a person from one place to another?"

Like You, Verily
by L. Jungerman

"R' Akiva said: And you shall love your neighbor like yourself -- this is a major axiom of the Torah"

A major axiom, and also a most difficult one. Exceedingly so. To love a fellow Jew like oneself? Is such a thing humanly possible? Can one be egotistic for someone else?

In the Tents of the Shepherds: A Verbal Opening

The Vishnitzer Rebbe zt'l, R' Chaim Meir, once noted that when a pot is bubbling on the stove top, one can usually guess what is cooking inside just by passing nearby and taking a good whiff.

Politica: Sharon's Battle for Disengagement: Overcoming Voter Indifference
By E. Rauchberger

As the gap between supporters and opponents of the disengagement plan narrows--to just 4 percent according to a recent survey--the anxiety level at the Prime Minister's Office is rising. After all the trips to Washington, the big meeting with Bush and the successful campaign to garner the support of Netanyahu, Livnat, Shalom and other top ministers, now the plan stands the risk of not passing the Likud referendum.

Vanunu and other Apostates

To the Editor:

The treason of atom-spy Mordechai Vanunu reminds one of how the 12th prayer of the Amidah against the tiny number of Jewish traitors in every generation is eternally relevant.

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