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Home and Family
Time and Time Again
by Rosally Saltsman

Part II

Sometimes TIME is of the essence, other times, saving money is the higher priority. As a rule, TIME is more important than money and quality of life is more important than either. See last week for the first 19 time-tested hints.

20) Get every time-saving device that exists that you can afford and doesn't negate your value system. [Affordable disposables.]

21) Have a set place for everything. Your keys are always on the hook near the door, your cellphone is always... Your earrings are always... Your memo diary is always... well, it should be. It was here a minute ago...

22) Have loose change handy for tzedoka, popsicles, bus fare etc.

23) Stationery stores are full of organization facilitators: filofaxes, agendas, desk caddies. Get those! Use them.

24) Whenever you get information that you might need again, write it down and keep it somewhere where you'll be able to retrieve it when you need it again. If you've looked up a phone number in a directory, chances are you might need it again, so underline it in ink.

25) Plan your day in advance the night before.

26) Don't be a perfectionist. Trying to be perfect is a gross waste of time.

27) Depend on other people as little as possible unless they've proven themselves to be punctual, efficient and reliable. We waste a lot of time when we depend on other people and they let us down.

28) Don't go fast if a mistake is going to wind up costing you more time to fix. Zerizus is an important trait, but it can sometimes incorporate impetuousness, and caution is just as important a trait. It goes without saying that you should never speed when you're driving, interrupt somebody when they're talking or step on other people's toes, literally or figuratively.

29) If you have an appointment, call and check to see if the doctor, lawyer, accountant is running late or is on time. That way, you won't have to waste time sitting around in a reception room.

30) Since some waiting is par for the course no matter how well you've planned, always have something with you that you can do while you're waiting: a book, sefer or Tehillim, knitting, stationery for letter writing, cell phone, walkman and tapes. Have more than one thing. That way, when you're forced to wait, you won't waste time.

31) A cordless phone at home and a cell phone when you're not is invaluable for saving time.

32) Resting and relaxing are not a waste of time.

33) Plan your route. If you have to go somewhere, consider the fastest way to get there and other things you can do in the area. The fastest mode of transportation is not always the quickest way to get there. Take into consideration parking, traffic jams etc. Sometimes walking can be faster for short distances. If you can, go places not during rush hours.

34) Special order things rather than searching for them. If you see something you'll need in six months, buy it; it may not be there later.

35) Patronize places that deliver and that take phone orders: pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, dry cleaners.

36) Learn shortcuts for going places and doing things.

37) Limit your commitments. Don't overextend yourself.

38) Take a class in effective time management.

39) Be first in line at the bank or whatever business usually has long lines.

40) If you feel that you don't have time to tackle major projects, break them down into small do-able tasks. And do them when you have a couple of minutes free.

41) Be on time. Honor deadlines and time commitments. You should be the last person to waste your own time. Or other people's.

What do you do with all the TIME you've saved? Invest it in the things that really deserve your time. Spend it with your kids, spouse, parents, grandparents. Read a book that enriches your life, spend some time with yourself; do some chessed, learn, talk to a friend who makes you smile, call someone lonely, pray with kavona; savor the moment.

May all of our time be well spent and our days full-filled until 120!


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