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Jerusalem School Attempts to Draw Chareidim to Secular Studies
by Betzalel Kahn

The Rabbinical Council on (Women's) Seminaries issued a harsh attack against attempts to bring university studies to the chareidi community in the guise of a "chareidi college."

In recent direct-mail and newspaper ads under the heading "University Bar-Ilan to Open Degree Program in Computer Sciences," the heads of the Chareidi College of Jerusalem (Michlala Hachareidit Yerushalayim) invite young women to register for academic courses leading to a degree from Bar- Ilan University.

The ads say that the institution has the backing of prominent rabbonim including gedolei Yisroel among their supporters, but no names appear in the ads. A Yated Ne'eman reporter inquiring about the claimed endorsement by gedolei Yisroel was told, "Every time the rabbonim came out against the colleges they never came out against us, which indicates that they support us--with tacit approval."

In recent months maranan verabonon have been waging an uncompromising campaign against attempts of the Ministry of Education to force substantive changes in the curriculum of chareidi seminaries for girls since these efforts are designed to bring the spirit of the Haskoloh into beis Yisroel. A special rabbinical committee was set up to keep an ongoing watch against all attempts to draw the chareidi public to "university-style colleges" that have been opening and posing as chareidi institutions, since their goal is to introduce academia and tainted higher education into the chareidi community.

Rav Tzvi Cohen, organizer of the Rabbinical Committee for Seminaries and Advanced Study at Beis Yaakov said last week that gedolei hador voice staunch opposition against all proposals to forge ties with the universities and with higher education. "The college calls itself a `chareidi college,' but the study program follows all of the structure and format of the universities. All gedolei Yisroel warn unequivocally that this represents a move toward Haskoloh and an attempt to introduce these tainted concepts into our sector. These studies are prohibited by gedolei Yisroel due to the grave danger of introducing the Haskoloh, notorious for destroying all taharas Yisroel, into kerem Beis Yisroel."


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