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Another Outstanding English Yarchei Kallah in the Lake District
by Brian Gordon

Fifty families, totaling around 330 people, enjoyed another two week Yarchei Kallah on the campus of Newton Rigg Agricultural College in the heart of the Lake District this summer. With magnificent surroundings of farmland and mountain countryside, Yarchei Kallah provided, as always, a beautiful blend of ruchniyus and gashmiyus.

The morning learning seder was from the gemora, perek Mi Shemeiso of maseches Brochos. Shiurim were conducted in Yiddish by Rabbi Boruch Pines and in English by Rabbi Michoel Fletcher. Evening sessions consisted of shiurim on a wide range of stimulating subjects in Yiddish and English, for both men and women. Rabbi Falk, Dayan Westheim, Rabbi Fletcher, Rabbi Chaim Krausz, and Rabbi Spiro spoke regularly on a wide range of subjects of halocho and hashkofo. Daf Hayomi shiurim were given by Rabbi Hirschler in Yiddish and Reb Dovid Dominitz in English.

Boys' shiurim were conducted by Mr. Yaakov Cohen, Mr. Liebi Margulies and Mr. Dovid Rose. Bochurim had a special gemora shiur based on the maseches Hakallah given by Rabbi Moshe Rosenbaum. Morning group activities for both boys and girls were coordinated by enthusiastic young leaders.

The menahel hakallah was once again Rabbi Shimon Hirschler, who inspired the bnei hakallah with daily droshos delivered after Mincha in the eloquent and dynamic style for which he is renowned. He took as his theme the mishna in Ovos "Ben chomeish shonim . . . ," analyzing the madreigos of life as expounded by Chazal. Rabbi Hirschler injected special vitality into all the Yarchei Kallah proceedings.

Outings coordinated by Mrs. Pinnick and Rebbetzin Fletcher were arranged every afternoon to beautiful mountains, forests, farms, lakes and parks of visual beauty and recreational interest in Cumbria. Swimming, football and basketball were available on or near the campus, and bicycles and scooters were supplied to the children. Seminary girls under the direction of Mrs. Pinnick assisted families in caring for children and worked in the kitchen and dining room, providing parents with ample time for learning and recreation. The food was of high standard throughout, thanks to the efforts of the chef, Mr. Yisroel Nussbaum and catering manager Mr. Eli Denderowicz.

An eruv for use on Shabbos was erected around the campus under the direction of Rabbi Falk and Rabbi Spiro. A boys' choir, the first for Yarchei Kallah, enhanced the Shabbos seudos. Yarchei Kallah's prevailing atmosphere of friendship and simcha reached its peak during the Shabbosos, continuing through to the early hours of Sunday morning with highly convivial melavei malkah.

The olom was honored on the second Shabbos with the presence of the Gateshead Rov, Rabbi Bezalel Rakow, and his Rebbetzin. Rabbi Rakow gave shiurim during Shabbos and enhanced the ruach of the davening.

The special quality of unity which exists at Yarchei Kallah was extolled by Rabbi Hirschler at the closing Neilah session. He quoted the words of Tehillim, "Sheves achim gam yachad," pointing out that "achim" is the rosh hatevos of "Ashkenazim, Chassidim, Yekkes, and Misnagedim."

Dayan Westheim spoke on the deeper meanings of derech eretz. He explained that no person can understand the real meaning of chesed without Torah. Rabbi Falk affirmed that the best protection for the Jewish people, especially in these difficult times of nisyonos endured by the people of Eretz Yisroel, is intensified mesirus nefesh in adherence to mitzvos and Yiddishkeit.

First-time participant Mr. Dan Levy thanked the rabbonim and administrative staff on behalf of the bnei hakallah. Mr. Levy described how much he and his family benefited from a superb holiday in what could only be described as "the ideal kehilloh." Generous tribute was paid to the organizers, Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Pinnick, whose years of exceptional dedication and patience have ensured Yarchei Kallah's continued success. Thanks were extended to Mr. Danny Rubin for directing the Hatzolah facilities, Mr. Margulies for acting as shul gabbai and coordinating the boys' choir, and Mr. Moshe Horowitz for leining.

The maseches hakallah chosen for next year is perek Yom Hakippurim in maseches Yoma, and the venue and dates will be announced at a later time.


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