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Egged Improves Service to Jerusalem Chareidi Neighborhoods - - Ramot
by Betzalel Kahn

Several steps to improve Egged public bus service to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot were implemented on Rosh Chodesh Elul. The steps were determined by the Advisory Council for Transportation and presented to the Jerusalem deputy mayors and representatives of the chareidi parties, who expressed their satisfaction at the plans. Egged's Jerusalem Director of Operations, Yossi Chechik, notes that the improvements in the bus lines to Ramot are an expression of Egged's policy of studying the needs of its passengers and then implementing traffic patterns and bus lines in accordance with these findings.

A new bus line number 37 will connect Ramot with the Ramat Shlomo (Shuafat) neighborhood. The new line, travelling directly from Ramot to Ramat Shlomo and back, will be of great benefit to residents of both neighborhoods. Line 37 will pick up passengers in Ramot along the existing bus 16 route, continuing directly to Ramat Shlomo, letting passengers off there at the number 11 stops. Timetables were set according to the transportation needs of neighborhood school children, bnei yeshiva, avreichim and other residents.

Line 35 will now go from Ramot to the Egged station in Givat Shaul at the entrance to Har Nof, through Machaneh Yehudah. A new line, 36A, will replace line 40. Line 32 will connect Ramot and Gilo. Line 34 will connect Ramot and the southern part of the city, reaching the Malcha Shopping Mall.

Director of Traffic for Egged Jerusalem, Ronen Chalifa, along with Rabbi Aviezer Glicksberg, Deputy Regional Director for Egged Chareidi Services, stressed that the main factor taken into consideration in the present plan was to provide efficient service for public transportation consumers. The needs of neighborhood residents, new road development, the ever-expanding Jerusalem neighborhoods and the new business and shopping centers were all considerations in the changes in the service to Ramot.

Egged's Director of Jerusalem Operations, Yossi Chechik, praised the cooperation between Egged and the various chareidi groups that had worked together to come up with a viable transportation plan for Ramot residents. Egged monitors will continue to assess the situation, and changes will be made if necessary.

Jerusalem Police Check Egged Buses

The Jerusalem Police Traffic Department has disqualified 25 Egged buses with defective tires. Sixty Egged buses were checked following a number of recent blowouts that created panic and the necessity to rush security forces and police to the scene, thinking that the loud booms were terrorist attacks.

The Jerusalem Police has expressed its exasperation to Egged about this matter on a number of occasions, especially during the current situation when Police must be on high alert. Egged promised to check all of its buses that are currently operating. Immediately following the horrendous attack at the Sbarro restaurant in the center of town, a tire blowout on a bus at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station caused a great deal of panic. The Jerusalem Police decided to take matters into their own hands and to perform the tire checks themselves.


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