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Hatzoloh Volunteer Saves Woman in Hadera
by Yehuda Ariel

A Hatzoloh volunteer from Hadera will receive a citation of appreciation from the organization for saving the life of a woman caught in a traffic jam. The jam took place in Petach Tikvah when police closed the roads in order to dismantle a bomb. The woman suffered serious respiratory problems, and a Hatzoloh volunteer administered a transfusion before arrival of an intensive care ambulance.

Volunteer B.D. had rushed to the area where the bomb had been discovered to back up the sapper and to be on hand at the site in the event that the bomb were to explode. From a distance, he noticed a few kilometer-long traffic jam caused by halting of the traffic by security forces. The Hatzoloh volunteer stationed himself at the site and waited for developments.

A woman suddenly approached his car and reported that a bus passenger a kilometer and a half away was suffering from respiratory problems. The woman resident of Emanuel was on the verge of choking and her life was in danger. Due to the long traffic jam, no ambulance could reach the bus. Without hesitation, B.D. asked a motorcyclist near him to take him to the bus, although that meant going against the direction of the traffic. With the help of police who cleared the way for him, B.D. sped to the bus, taking the necessary medical equipment with him.

Upon his arrival, he discerned that the woman in distress required oxygen and a fluid transfusion. B.D. administered effective treatment while calling an intensive care ambulance which managed to make its way through the traffic jam. The ambulance then took the woman to the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba. It later became apparent that the woman's life had been saved by the swift treatment administered by B.D. from Hadera.

The volunteer was lauded for his deed and will receive a certificate of appreciation from the nationwide chairman of Hatzoloh, Rabbi Mordechai Barzilai and from the director of the Hadera branch, Reb Moshe Evron.


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