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Book Review:The Hidden World
Challenge, Adventure and Pleasure in Giving

by Yaakov and Varda Bronfman, Reviewed by Sheindel Weinbach

Strange subtitle, no? Unique kind of a book, too. Not a guide, not a promotional book, non-fiction yet very novel, entertaining and imaginative. To the uninitiated, very revolutionary. Not a commercial publication, this 124-pager is put out by Jewish Heritage and Roots Library. What the Hidden World is - is an eyeopener. To a magical brave new world of GIVING.

A Tale of Two Families
by Galia Zeevi, Netanya

Long ago, when those of you who are not yet thirty were not even born, two Jewish families lived in a town in England. The particular area where they lived was not a religious one, but it was a Jewish neighborhood. For some reason, all the people who lived in one large housing development were Jewish.

How You Slice It - or - `Davendik'
by L.M.W.

The Satmer Rebbe told one of his chassidim, "In past times, women were davendik." Now they are too busy. Even davening can be busy work or a pressure to make a time slot.

Man Alive

Adapted from OHRNET, Parshas Chaye Sora
by Rabbi Asher Sinclair

Neshama. She had always liked her name. Neshama. A name which whispered the very breath of life. Neshama breathed in deeply the life giving fluid in which she floated.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

Announcing a new gemach - will innovations never cease? This one is the invention of a mother of necessity. A mother in Ramot had twins in a double digit family (Boruch and Brocha) and naturally wanted to dress them nicely. When she was showered with look-alike outfits, not necessarily new but in good condition, she conceived of the idea of a twin gemach...

Panic in a Pocketbook
by Malka Adler

The true meaning of the word `embarrassing' would be difficult to fathom until you've found yourself holding up a long line at the supermarket checkout counter while frantically searching, elbow-deep, in a bottomless Savta-Simcha- like pocketbook for a credit card/ checkbook/ wallet...

Book Review
Let's Learn About Kosher Food

He now owns tapes, enough and more
To open a department store
They fill his every vacant space
He'll have to find another place.
Six dozen towels were a good buy
His linen shelves are piled up high.
For every dozen towels you got
Some ladders, so he bought a lot.
His family was filled with glee,
A set of ladders, quite, quite free.
The special offers never fail
To find Mr. Shopper on their trail.
Last week's offer was supreme,
Bedding -- it was just a dream
All you had to do was add
Ten shekalim, then you had
A backpack (not the newest style).
Boasts our hero with a smile
Even baby Dan, you see,
Was a new schoolbag `donnee.'
Now where to put this special gift
Earned through days and weeks of thrift?
Yes, you've guessed it, in the boidem,
Or some place where you can avoid them.
Push the things in, shut the door,
Nothing's simpler, now buy more.
A bargain is too good to miss,
And it gives you hours of bliss.
Next there was a tasty snack,
An agora off on each pack,
And what great gift did you get?
A set of cards, a whole free set.
Hurry up and buy it soon,
The offer ends next week at noon.
The series then will all be yours,
We'll find some room in all the drawers.
Fantastic bargains, every size,
Hear Mr. S. philosophize:
"Even if it's useless now,
Of all the bargains I have found,
See my house... just look around. Crying dollies, six in all,
Inflatable cushions, large and small.
Talking scales, they shout your weight,
Ponytail holders for the girls,
Hairbands to contain their curls,
Our five boys don't need those things,
Let's see what the next offer brings."
Chocolate eclipsed them all,
You could get a real windfall,
Two hundred wrappers, maybe three
Gave a really great freebee,
That is, if you won the draw
For a flight to Singapore
Free dental treatment (not x-ray)
Was the runner up bouquet.
Mr. Shopper's full of praise,
For manufacturers who think of ways
To benefit the human race
And do it with such kindly grace.
If white elephants aren't your scene,
Wrap them up in polyethylene,
Hire a van and pass them on,
Please someone else, sine qua non.


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