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New Ovens Designed for Religious Community

by N. Katzin and Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Mini-Line company, importers of Kav Halavan domestic electrical appliances, announce their new King and Philco ovens which have especially adapted to the cooking and baking needs of the chareidi sector. They have two completely separate baking compartments and a special Shabbos device. These two new entries take their place alongside the Bellers stove and oven line that has long been specially designed and marketed to the chareidi community.

Eli Brick, strategic and planing director of the company, told Yated Ne'eman that both the King C2K and the Philco P2K are "the most advanced of their kind: both from a technological standpoint and from their conformance to halachic demands. This is the ultimate oven for the chareidi sector, in its classic, clean design and its fair price. For Pesach, the King oven will be on sale at the reduced price of NIS 3,300; the Philco at NIS 3200."

In honor of the new ovens, Mini Line gave Ezer Mitzion five King ovens to be distributed among its volunteers.

Mini Line's directors note that the baking compartments of these ovens are totally separate. In addition, a metal plate under the upper door prevents the penetration of vapors from the lower oven. There are also two separate vents for the vapors. This means that the two compartments can be used simultaneously to bake meat and milk dishes.

The ovens were also designed for use on Shabbos. The thermostat can be neutralized so that the heating bodies can operate on a continual basis. The oven contains a special "Shabbos state" and can be used as a Shabbos hot plate. It also has a special metal cover above the controls for use on Shabbos.

The Bellers line of stoves has featured ovens with separate compartments for several years. This line also has the singular virtue that some of their models are certified to meet kashrus requirements by the BaDaTz of Shearis Yisroel.

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