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New Head Teacher For Kisharon Day School

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Trustees and Governors of Kisharon are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Gerald Lebrett as Head Teacher of the Kisharon Day School. Mr. Lebrett is currently Deputy Head Teacher of the School.

Mr. Lebrett was born in London and educated at Hasmonean High School following which he spent a number of years at Mercaz HaTorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He obtained a BSc. (Hons) in Computing from the London Guildhall University, following which he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the Institute of Education. Mr. Lebrett also holds an Advanced Diploma in Special Needs and has many years of experience working with people who have learning disabilities. He is also a consultant to the Eitz Chaim (special needs) school in Zurich and to the T'mimei Lev School (special needs) in Manchester.

Mr. David Goodman, Kisharon's Executive Director, said: "It is certainly not going to be an easy task to replace Mrs. Chava Lehman who has been Head Teacher of the School for nearly 25 years. A number of high caliber applicants were interviewed and we are delighted that the Deputy Head, Gerald Lebrett, applied for the post and has accepted the appointment. He has demonstrated a total commitment to the needs of the learning disabled child and represents the balance between the religious and the National Curriculum/therapeutic philosophy that underpins the success of the school."

In response to Mr. Lebrett's promotion, Mrs. Chava Lehman said: "Gerald was a `natural' at age 16 with our children but has followed the professional road to being fully qualified. This, together with his yeshiva background, fine character and wonderful ideas, make him an ideal person to lead the school. I hope other young men and women will follow his example. As for me, I'll miss my colleagues and children very much, but dream about slow breakfast with the newspaper!"

Mr. Lebrett is highly enthusiastic about his new post. "I am honored to have been offered this wonderful opportunity to lead the school forward by building on the foundations that have established Kisharon's position within the Jewish community." Mr. Lebrett and his wife Debbie have two young children and are members of the Hendon Adass Shul.

Kisharon Day School is part of the family of services that Kisharon provides which include a special autistic provision, an adult vocational training center and a residential home.

Mr. Walter Bentley, Chairman of the Kisharon Trust, said, "Words are insufficient to describe the tremendous work of Chava Lehman over the past 24 years and I am sure that the whole community joins me in wishing her well on her retirement. I look forward to the School going from strength to strength under the headship of Gerald Lebrett."

For more information call David Goodman, executive Director at U.K. Tel: 020-8731-7009

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