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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
by Rambam (new edition)

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A Special Interparty Group Set up to Fight for Israel's Jewish Identity

In response to the intense program of the current Israeli government to wield a blow against all that is holy and precious to the Jewish people by promoting reforms and laws to strip it of its very authentic character, an emergency meeting was held this past Monday, joining the Degel HaTorah and Shas parties to plan steps to counteract the government's schemes. This government is indeed the most threatening to Judaism since the very establishment of the State since it seeks to absolutely separate religion from state and obliterate every spark of Judaism therein.

The two parties unanimously agreed to establish a nerve center for a united battle under the banner "Do Not Destroy the Jewish State." It will include representation from both parties, and the battle will be waged together with the Religious Zionist and Likud parties.






Minority Dictatorship

The joint meeting of Torah Jewry and Shas, two parties representing the Jewish people vs. the Israeli population, jointly decided to establish a united front in the public struggle against the 'Hellenistic occupation' of the pernicious government and to upgrade the battle one level higher. The Knesset representatives clarified that this is not a chareidi fight per se or even a religious fight, but a war concerning the entire traditional public throughout the country. It is a battle of the Greeks, Hellenists and assimilationists versus Jewry. The Liberal terrorist hatred towards it is unlimited, and its goal is to trample and crush everything.

Two nations have been at loggerheads for the longest time on this holy ground: the Jewish nation and the secular Israeli one. The Israeli nation is 73 years old; the Jewish one dates back three thousand years. The State of Israel belongs to the Israeli people, while Eretz Yisroel belongs to the Jewish people by virtue of a Divine promise.





Dirshu Convention to be Held in Connecticut

Unprecedented requests of such magnitude surprised even the organizers and heads of Dirshu: the registration for the upcoming 26th annual Dirshu convention in the U.S. which gathers around it thousands of Dirshu participants who come to hear, learn and teach, to fortify and be fortified under the umbrella of the biggest Torah organization in the world which aims to broaden Torah knowledge and sanctify Hashem's Name in the world.





Toras Chaim: R' Chaim Shmuelevitz zt'l—Forty-three Years Since His Passing

Part I

This extensive appreciation of HaRav Chaim Shmuelevitz zt"l was first published in our English Yated in 5754 (1993-94) at the fifteenth yahrtzeit.

To "thirstily imbibe their words" is not a casual statement but a fundamental condition and requisite for Torah study. This is what R' Chaim used to preach. By what yardstick did one measure real thirst? Only if one could testify that "Torah is as dear to its scholars, day by day, as it was on the day it was given upon Mount Sinai." Torah's belovedness renews itself and is anchored in its familiarity and closeness. One's affinity to Torah becomes non quenchable.

R' Chaim used to construct entire shmuessen upon this theme, but above all, he demonstrated it with his example, in his own approach to study. Despite the fact that the entire Talmud, together with the rishonim and acharonim commentaries, fell fluently from his lips, he would repeat every saying and chidush countless times over and again. One could hear him murmuring a teaching of chazal or a halacha in Rambam consecutively, dozens of times.

This was all the more remarkable in the light of the phenomenal amount of knowledge stored in his brain. This was the very same R' Chaim whom R' Chaim Ozer Grodzensky labeled "the [human, walking] library of Yeshivas Mir," rising to his feet when he entered the room.





* * *

From Our Archives

Hastening Redemption: The Mitzvah of Shenayim Mikro Ve'echod Targum

by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Eagerly Awaiting

The Chofetz Chaim lived his life eagerly awaiting the final redemption. This event was such a reality in his life that he owned a special suit of clothing set aside for that auspicious day. Any day when he would hear a commotion, he would excitedly inquire, "Has Moshiach come?"

The Chofetz Chaim was once asked: Why hasn't that day arrived yet; what is holding up Moshiach's arrival? The Chofetz Chaim replied that speech-related transgressions were certainly a major factor. However, there was another reason that was holding up his arrival: laxity in learning the weekly Torah portion Shenayim Mikro Ve'echod Targum (reading the verse twice and the Targum once).

We can only wait with expectation as we witness signs that the day of final redemption draws closer and closer. Our Sages tell us that before this momentous day comes we may experience the travails of his arrival. These birth pains have already made themselves felt among our people, and we can only pray that Hashem will have mercy on us and spare us from future tribulations.

One of the keys to hastening his arrival has been placed in our hands: learning the parsha twice and learning Targum or Rashi. ...

Mass Aliyah to Israel is Obsolete

by Mordecai Plaut

As we noted last week, the only long-term solution to the demographic threat that faces Israel is children and more children. Chazal said, "If there are no young kids, there are no adult goats" (Yerushalmi Sanhedrin 10:2). If we want to have people in the future to perpetuate the Jewish people and the Jewish mission in the world, we must have children now.

In our times, there is no longer any shorter-term solution than this. Many Israeli pundits and politicians pin their hopes on aliyah. This has been part of the Zionist ideology for over a century.

SomeOne is Helping You to Walk

a true story by A. Lapid

Part III

Synopsis: Orly has come to visit her friend from Haifa, Deganit, and stays overnight at the seminary, vacillating over making the `leap of faith' commitment. After candlelighting at the apartment, they go for a walk.

And Orly talked.

"Rabbi Levine told me today," she began in a quiet voice, "that I needn't make a comprehensive decision upon everything. At this point, I must shy away from a total change. But that sounds strange to me, since if I believe this to be the true path, I should really take it all upon myself right away. But he, himself, said I didn't have to."

It sounded as if this made things that much easier for Orly. "So what did he advise?" wondered Deganit.


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