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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
by Rambam (new edition)

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Tall Buildings Have Shabbos Problems with their Water Supply

A special meeting took place in the home of HaRav Boruch Dov Povarsky, Rosh Yeshivas Ponovezh and member of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah.

It was attended by a roster of eminent rabbonim together with rabbonim from the Mishmeres HaShabbos to discuss the pertinent Shabbos halochos regarding water pumps being installed in new buildings. Torah leadership permitted their use only after the disconnection the electronic sensor systems and the automatic operation of the pumps.

The recent meeting was called to institute that every Shomer Shabbos building in the country and the world receive full information and the apparatus necessary to avoid Shabbos desecration through electronic water pumping systems for every G-d-fearing Jew.





Documents Released Show Italy Traded Jewish Lives for Peace in the 80's

Only now, 39 years later, are being publicized a series of shocking documents certifying heavy accusations which were denied for many years. The world heard about them only through intimations from the Italian president Francisco Kosiga in an interview to the Israeli press back in 2008. These documents were squirreled away far from the public eye, but were exposed this past Friday in the Italian press.

In an interview granted to Yediot Acharonot fifteen years ago, Kosiga spoke about information which was liable of creating "an earthquake." He claimed that Italy permitted Palestinian terrorists to strike at Jewish-Italian targets within its borders, under an agreement known as "Ludo Moro" (Dark Game).

According to these agreements, in exchange for the Italian authorities looking the other way, the Palestinians promised not to attack Italian targets in Italy or outside it, so long as the Italians would not maintain any contact with Israel or the Jewish State.






The Struggle Against the Changes of the Government is Shared by All Jews

The traditional public in Israel has begun voicing its protest. The spiritual crusade which the Israeli people is waging against the protective walls of the Jewish people regarding reforms and Reform geared to storm the barricades of Judaism is tightening its noose.

The heavenly city of Jerusalem is under siege. The remnant of the Beis Hamikdash (the Kosel) is under attack: conversion, kashrus, education, Shabbos, the family structure and its pure genealogy. They have even mongrelized the Hebrew language in which Knesset representatives express themselves ideologically and maliciously. They ostensibly speak in the name of "the public" in order to obfuscate issues and definitions. They primarily attack our educational institutions in order to raise a generation of not only apikorsim, but a generation altogether ignorant of Judaism but expert in Christianity.





Toras Chaim: R' Chaim Shmuelevitz zt'l—Forty-three Years Since His Passing

Part 2

This extensive appreciation of HaRav Chaim Shmuelevitz zt"l was first published in our English Yated in 5754 (1993-94) at the fifteenth yahrtzeit.

Beware — Fire!

R' Chaim was generally able to control his emotions and refrained from outbursts of temper which might hurt another person, even indirectly. One of his disciples, whose niece had suddenly taken ill, came to R' Chaim in a turmoil. Word had reached him from the hospital that the situation was critical. By this time, the family already knew that it was too late, but they were afraid to tell him outright.

In his sensitivity, R' Chaim was aware of the situation. Nevertheless, he listened to the outpouring of woe and gave his blessing. As soon as the man left the room, however, he burst into hot tears. When his study partner asked him why he had held them back all the time, R' Chaim replied, "I saw how overwrought he was and feared that if he saw me weeping, he would break down altogether. I had to control myself until he left in order not to compound his despair."





Rain and Kinneret Watch

by Dei'ah Vedibur Staff

Our weekly report of the rain and the level of the Kineret - Winter, 5782.

* * *

From Our Archives

On the Capture of a Murderer

A shmuess delivered by HaRav Yechezkel Levenstein zt'l, on the occasion of the capture of Adolf Eichmann ym"sh

They have recently caught the murderer yemach shemo, and are going to put him on trial. Everyone is talking about it incessantly and the newspapers have whole pages dealing with the subject. We hear public figures saying that we are fortunate to be revenging ourselves on the murderer ym"sh, and that "Hashem is the G-d of vengeance" (Tehillim 94:1).

The truth is that this is all worthless talk and we are far from any understanding of Torah [and especially of this posuk]. Would that we really took the topic of murder so seriously. Why does an earthquake that claims the lives of many thousands fail to engage our attention and doesn't even intrude upon our thoughts?

Why are we so impressed by a murderer? Are there so few murderers in the world? Almost every man is capable of murder! The number of murders that he carries out only depends on his cleverness and his opportunities. Chazal say (Pesochim 49) that one must not walk alone with an ignoramus because he is capable of murder. He has no compassion for himself [because he refrains from learning Torah and doing mitzvos], how much more so will he have no compassion for someone else.

It is frightening to see Chazal's insight into murder. This was said about a Jew who lacks Torah. How much more is it true of gentiles, whose whole power and being it constitutes, as the posuk (Bereishis 27:40) says, "And you shall live by your sword." Without any doubt, as soon as their honor or such is compromised, they are capable of murder.

A Certified Diploma -- A Struggle From Russia to Israel

by Y. Meidan

The sweet chanting of small children as they recited "Torah tziva lonu Moishe" pierced the cold winter air. Thick globs of ice collected on the window in Nechtza's small house. The tiny kerosene heater that Nechtza had installed was very ineffective in its battle against the Siberian frost.

That morning, Mendel woke up very excited. It was his third birthday, and he was about to begin cheder. Although he shivered like a floating leaf, an inner warmth enveloped him.

Nechtza, who was crushed by financial burdens, took a break from his daily affairs and wrapped his son Mendel in a tallis. Then, accompanied by the blessings of his righteous wife, he took him to cheder. The impressions of the subsequent events, which included licking honey- covered blocks which contained the letters of the alef- beis, etched themselves on Mendel's memory forever.


Just a Bergen-Belsen Day

by Ruchie Margulies

Based on a true story which took place with the Bluzhever Rebbe when he was interned in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

Surely, readers will forgive, if we ask you to relive
On a simple, non-Chanuka day,
Pain and suffering, without buffering,
To arouse us, make us pray: Hashem, keep enemies at bay,
Hear our pleading, as of yore, and declare to pained and sore,
You shall suffer: NEVERMORE.

Just a Bergen-Belsen Day

That day, too, within the camp, the weather outside cold and damp,
Beasts in German costume had come to make sport among their prey,
Searching out the weak and ill, pain-wracked people pale and still,
Circling in to make a kill, a kill to prove that they held sway,
After beating, kicking, pounding, load the gun and fire away,

Just a Bergen-Belsen day.


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