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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
by Rambam (new edition)

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Shmittah Comes to Har Sinai

Tens of thousands of bnei Torah rallied under the sponsorship and attendance of HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, and members of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, roshei yeshivos and rabbonim from places throughout the country for a historic event organized by, "The Bnei Yeshivos in Eretz Hakodesh Event" which took place this past Sunday evening in the Arena Stadium in Yerushalayim.





The Message of Maran Sar HaTorah HaRav Kanievsky shlita for the Upcoming Yeshiva Zman

I am conveying the message as I was requested by my father, verbatim as written:

In anticipation of the beginning of the zman, yeshiva students are obligated to strengthen themselves exceedingly, in arising to attend prayers in time and not to, chas vesholom, forfeit saying Krias Shema beyond the permitted time, for this is an explicit mitzvah of the Torah, one which cannot be atoned for, as is stated in the gemora Brochos at the beginning of Perek Tefillas HaShachar.

It should be known that throughout the generations, the success of a yeshiva student has been ...





The Address of Maran Rosh Hayeshiva shlita for the Coming Zman

The subject of Torah is not a simple one. During every moment that a person studies it, he is sanctified, as is brought in the Zohar, "The Torah and Hashem and Yisroel are one entity." By studying Torah we connect to Hashem, strengthening a bond to the source of holiness.

We must also know that Torah itself is very interesting...





Some of The Jewish Roots of the Afghanistani Pashtuns

The Pashtuns - even if the process of many years of assimilation and Islamization has rendered them as non-Jewish - still adhere to certain customs common among them which are similar to Jewish customs. They light candles on Friday before sundown (they refer to Friday by its Arabic name and Shabbos as 'Shamba'). They don't do laundry on Shabbos...





Reviewing Torah -- Chazoroh

This essay was first published in 1996.

The Secret Of Gaining Torah Knowledge

"No person ever became a godol beTorah merely by studying Torah. It was only by reviewing his studies," wrote the gaon HaRav Yitzchok Hutner zt'l.

When we talk about a skyscraper, everyone understands that the building's secret is not in its top floors, but rather in its bottom floors, many basements, and deep foundations. The top floor is less reinforced with thick steel beams than the lower ones since it need not carry so much weight. Any thoughtful person will point to the building's underlying infrastructure, as disclosing the key to its towering height: the secret is the massive, solid foundation. A foolish person, however, will look at the skyscraper's incredible height and become excited over seeing the uppermost floors touching the clouds.

The secret of gadlus in Torah study and the way to excel in Torah knowledge, is not in the "top floors" — the extra knowledge that a godol beyond that of a regular person. The secret of towering Torah greatness is also at the very foundation. The difference between a godol beTorah and a regular person is in his foundation's strength.





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From Our Archives

Just Put Out the Fires -- A Torah View of Yishmoel

by Mordecai Plaut

We have our own tradition about the oppression of the heirs of Yishmoel. One of the clearest sources is the Eitz Hadaas Tov by HaRav Chaim Vital on Tehillim 124. He says that the final (fifth) exile is the exile of Yishmoel, citing sources in Pirkei DeRabbi Eliezer, midroshim, and Zohar on parshas Lech Lecho towards the end.

School Testing: Ways and Means of Implementation

by Rav Moshe Karp

It is customary in various chadorim for the menahel to test grades four through eight in gemora, alternately. I would like to offer to the general public some of my observations, and conclusions drawn from personal experience.

Over the years, we have tried different methods of testing, each with its advantages and disadvantages, until we finally arrived at the one method of examination which appears to be the best one for the menahel in the classroom. In other words, by this method, a principal can evaluate the general knowledge of the class, as well as the individual accomplishment of each student, and at the same time have the entire class participate in the test. In addition, the student will emerge from the test knowing more than he did before.


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