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At The Center of the Universe
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Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
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Shmittah Shiurim By Phone from HaRav Yitzchok Shaul Kanievsky

The current winter zman was launched with heightened emotions of sanctity as the aftermath of the impressive and inspiring rally of the yeshiva world at the "Siach Emunah," the Address of Emunah, and the unification of yeshiva students which took place at the Arena stadium in Yerushalayim. We reported this event last week.

Special emphasis is being placed upon this shmittah year and the studies of the laws thereof as was implemented by our Torah leaders, roshei yeshiva and Torah disseminators, per the direction and outline of Sar HaTorah HaRav Chaim Kanievsky in his letter on the eve of this year: "During this shmittah year, it is necessary to establish daily sessions of studying two halochos each day without fail whereby we will be spared all suffering this year."





An Unraveling Charge Sheet - Progress of Netanyahu's Trial

Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz from Austria resigned because of charges of bribery against him. A front page headline read "Drama in Austria: Chancellor Resigns Due to Suspected Bribe in Exchange for good press coverage."

It is obvious to all why the editor chose this particular wording. It reminds him of something, or rather, someone, where similarly, the party head was accused of extensive bribery in exchange for a positive survey (Hint: Binyamin Netanyahu). A pity that we are not Austria; otherwise we would have no need for four rounds of elections and a court case which will drag on ad infinitum.

Netanyahu is also standing accused of the same thing but he never thought of leaving his office voluntarily. In the above case, it is written: "Kurtz' file is much lighter than the case against Netanyahu. Neither a billion shekel nor bribery of the media for the caprices of one family..."

Let's make some order here: ...





Agudath Israel: Supreme Court Should Hear Bank Terrorism Case

Agudath Israel of America, along with several other Jewish organizations, have asked the United States Supreme Court to hear Weiss v. National Westminster Bank (NatWest). The case, brought by victims of Hamas terrorism, argues that the bank should be liable for its role in financing Hamas's terrorist activities.

The terror victims claim that NatWest, the bank, facilitated financial transactions to a supposed charitable organization called Interpal that in fact helped fund Hamas and its terrorist activities. In a surprising decision, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the bank's facilitation of financial transactions with an entity that the bank knew to be affiliated with a terrorist organization was not sufficient as a matter of law to move the case forward and require a jury trial to determine the bank's liability to the terror victims.




Freedom in Servitude, and Servitude in Freedom - Thoughts on Human Values in Our Times

What is the issue that causes conflict in our time? What is it that is the root cause of tension between states and classes nowadays?

There are no longer any conflicts over matters of faith: neither the truth of a faith nor its honor. Neither philosophy nor art is a cause of tension. Religion no longer demands physical sacrifice. Modern philosophy places no practical demands on its followers.

The struggles of our generation are all inspired by pragmatic issues: the individual, his rights to life and dignity, and, economic status.




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From Our Archives

Without a Kezayis of Olom Hazeh -- Childhood Years Spent at the Chazon Ish's Table: An Interview with HaRav Meir Tzvi Bergman

by Rabbi A. Chefetz

15 Marcheshvon, 5764, marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of Maran the Chazon Ish. Many of those who have direct memories of him, are no longer with us. Yated presents this special interview with HaRav Meir Tzvi Bergman shlita, son-in-law of HaRav Shach zt"l (whose second yahrtzeit is 16 Marcheshvon), who slept with the Chazon Ish as a youth.

Sitting at HaRav Bergman's seforim-laden table, we found our perspective taking on greater depth and scope. In anticipation of the fiftieth yahrtzeit of the Chazon Ish ztvk'l, we had come to listen, to learn and to appreciate something of his greatness and of his times. And hear we did, about nights spent in the Chazon Ish's company, about the meager subsistence of bnei Torah in those days, about toil in learning and different approaches to learning -- in general, about an entirely different level of devotion to learning and a different outlook upon the material aspects of life, that were capable of producing a Chazon Ish.

In Awe of HaRav Shach, zt"l

by Y. D. Halevy

This piece is in honor of the second yahrtzeit of Maran HaRav Shach, zt"l, on 16 Marcheshvon. Short, but very powerful, it certainly makes us painfully aware of what we lost.

Ever since I was a child, every leil Shabbos and motzei Shabbos I would walk with my father, hand in hand, up har Hashem, to daven in the great hall of Yeshivas Ponovezh, to give and receive a blessing for a gut Shabbos or a gut voch from Maran the Ponevezher Rav, the Mashgiach HaRav Yechezkel Levenstein and the Rosh Yeshiva Maran HaRav Shach, zeicher tzadikim vekedoshim livrochoh.

On motzei Shabbos we would go early to hear the shmuess given by HaRav Ben Tzion Bamberger zt"l. R' Ben Tzion would deliver the shmuess in the dark, and the entire building--where the lights were normally burning from early morning to late at night--was cloaked in a thick darkness spreading out far and wide. It was as if the Torah and its hall had joined together to part with the neshomoh yeseiroh.

On the Shaarei Osher floor the shmuessen room was packed tight. R' Ben Tzion would strain his eyes, opening them wide to scan the gathering of mevakshei Hashem who had crowded into every single crack and crevice to listen to him fervently pass on what he had received from his rabbonim-- HaRav Abba Grossbard, who had come with him from Lomzhe to Ponovezh, HaRav Yechezkel Levenstein and the Rosh Yeshiva.


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