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The Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis Meets

The gathering of the committee of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) met this past Monday in the large Beis Yisroel shul in Geneva. The attending rabbis dealt with a gamut of subjects involving European Jewry, particularly that of the overtly anti-Semitic legislation against shechita and circumcision. In the course of this assembly, the rabbonim met with the leadership of the Jewish community, and government officials from Switzerland and other European countries. They also visited the various communal institutions and met parliament members, as well as experts and heads of Jewish organizations to deal with current problems and the ways to fight the problems through possible solutions.




A Letter of Encouragement and Guidance from Eretz Yisroel to the Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis





A First Person Account of a Famous Story: the Scissors Tale

HaRav Yerachmiel Tucker, Rosh Yeshiva of "Or Boruch", recently gave a talk to his students, in which he included the following personal episode. Yated listened in:

I wish to relate an incident which I feel obligated to tell as applying to the tenet of "Speak of all His wonders," which you may have already read about since it was publicized in various pamphlets. Since then, however, this story has grown all sorts of embellishments. I wish to tell it as it really happened.





Who Hears Chareidi Jewry?

Chareidi Judaism finds itself under attack, and not only recently. Whenever a topic arises with a modicum of connection to what we consider holy and sacred, the media mobilizes to denigrate Yiddishkeit and its banner-upholders without any pretense of evenhandedness.




The Need to Conceal the Rationale of Mitzvos

by HaRav E. E. Dessler shlita


Part II

IPart III (Conclusion)

In the first part, HaRav Dessler asked several questions about the topic of the rationale of mitzvos, based on the famous discussion in Chazal of the Poroh Adumoh.

"Hashem spoke to Moshe and to Aharon, saying, `This is the chukah of the Torah that Hashem has commanded saying . . . '" Rashi comments, "Since the Satan and other nations taunt Yisroel by asking them what is the meaning of this mitzvah and what is its rationale, the Torah writes chukah-it is a decree from Me and you are not allowed to seek its rationale."

What is the substance of the Torah's answer? The answer does not seem to supply any new information whatsoever.

Elsewhere the Torah teaches that Yisroel are regarded as wise and understanding precisely because of the chukim that are beyond human comprehension.

Chazal clarify and specify how every detail of the Poroh Adumoh atones for the cheit ha'eigel. So why is this mitzvah termed "a decree from Me" without rationale?

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From Our Archives

The Dread of a Patriarch

by L. Jungerman

"`And Yitzchok feared an exceedingly great fear' -- said R' Levi in the name of R' Chomo bar Chanina: Yitzchok experienced two fears. The one when he was laid upon the altar for sacrifice and the other, when Eisov entered. And how are we to know which was the greater? Since it is written here `An exceedingly great fear,' we may infer that this was the greater" (Midrash Tanchuma).

This particular midrash is explained in a Torah periodical, Ohel Moshe, which was published in Galicia before World War II. Written by R' Meir Zev Lau of Mezeritch, it is awesome in its revelation.


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