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16 Av, 5780 - August 6, 2020 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Eikev-5780 Published Weekly
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12,000 Bnei Yeshiva Will be Allowed into Israel

Despite a futile attempt by the Opposition, backed by the media, to rake in political capital regarding the decision allowing the entrance of students to Israel, Professor Roni Gamzu, the government advisor heading the fight against Covid 19, decided this past Monday to allow the entry to Israel of thousands of foreign students coming to study in yeshivos and other educational institutions.





A Reminder about the Importance of Halachic Medical Directives

Despite his status as a prominent Flatbush rov, Rabbi Yehuda Metzger* never signed any proclamations. However, the one paper he did sign proved to be of vital importance, and ultimately a tremendous gift to his family now, ten years later, during the corona virus outbreak.

That document was a halachic medical directive...




Appreciating the Importance of Being Jewish

The yesod hayesod, the basis of the possibility of having an Am Yisroel, the most important thing that children can be taught in cheder, both boys and girls, is Ato bochartonu. If we do not appreciate what it means to be Jewish, the Ato bochartanu, the rest of Torah disappears.

Torah cannot exist until there is an understanding, an acceptance, an awareness and an appreciation of Ato bochartanu. We say it in the posuk, "Torah tzivoa lonu Moshe morasha kehilas Yaakov." The Torah is a morasha Kehilas Yaakov.





What We Must Do Now


In a talk in Yeshivas Ponovezh during the Yom Kippur War, HaRav Shach zt"l said: "We find in several places in the Torah that acts of chessed and kindness have the power to prevent cruelty, and precisely these are the acts which one must perform at a time when brutality is rampant. How much truer this is regarding acts between man and his fellow man, for even if one causes another pain, the victim should realize that only by being kind and merciful towards his oppressor, can he prevent him from continuing to hurt him."

Therefore, it is our obligation at this time to increase the measure of chessed and benevolence towards others. ...









From Our Archives

How to Overcome Social Pressure

by R. Chadshai

We discussed the good and bad sides of social pressure. In a positive society, this keeps us on our toes, and even if our motives are not always right, we conform until eventually, the right attitudes and habits become part of our personality and our strivings.

In overcoming unjust social pressure in the case of our children, we must examine if we show a positive personal example, ourselves. We must also listen to our children and weigh their requests with sensitivity, taking into account the inevitable generation gap.

Omol Hatorah vs. Outreach

by Rav Avrohom Yeshaya Bergman

The following is a translation of an article that appeared in the Hebrew edition of Yated Ne'eman on erev Yom Kippur 5761.

I once asked my grandfather, HaRav Shach (shlita) zt"l how the sin of bitul Torah can be atoned for. He answered that Rabbenu Yonah was mechadesh that the study of Torah is as effective as death in atoning for the severe sin of chilul Hashem (as Chazal said about the descendants of Eli). All the more so can bitul Torah be rectified by limud Torah.

Chazal also advised speakers of loshon hora to delve in Torah. Someone who is guilty of bitul Torah is also guilty of chilul Hashem , as Chazal said, "'He has despised the Word of Hashem,' refers to someone able to learn Torah who does not do so."

He said, "Der greste chilul Hashem vos is shayach, is nisht zu lernen" (The worst type of chilul Hashem possible is not to learn Torah). For this reason one receives both the greatest reward as well as the greatest punishment for talmud Torah. (see the Rambam at the beginning of Peoh and the Yerushalmi (ibid.).) Chazal considered bitul Torah to be a more severe sin than the three cardinal sins, stating that Hakodosh Boruch Hu exiled us because of it, and that He is willing to overlook the transgression of the three cardinal sins but not that of bitul Torah.


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