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6 Iyar, 5780 - April 30, 2020 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Acharei Mos-Kedoshim-5780 Published Weekly
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A Plan to Open Yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael was Approved

After much effort an agreement was reached with the responsible authorities and experts to open yeshivas in something approximating the usual format, while safeguarding the health of all involved.




HaRav Chaim Kanievsky: The Worst Bitul Torah in Many Years

"The worst decree of this period is that of bitul Torah, caused by our many sins. For years we haven't experienced that the new zman not begin as scheduled." These severe and painful words were uttered by Sar HaTorah HaRav Chaim Kanievsky last Sunday (2 Iyar) in his home in response to the questions of those present, at the commencement of this summer session, in view of the terrible situation prevalent in today's world and especially in Eretz Yisroel. The halls of Torah, the yeshivos and kollelim are locked and bolted and the study sessions are taking place in the individual homes.




HaRav Gershon Edelstein: The Merits are Tefillah and Torah

In a special address delivered upon the commencement of this summer zman, HaRav Gershon Edelstein said: "There is a mishna in Pirkei Ovos stating, `Whoever increases [study of] Torah, increases life. Whoever increases yeshiva [study as a public body, like in a yeshiva], increases wisdom, and Torah study together with yeshiva increases wisdom.' In other words, Torah study without yeshiva, increases life, whereas Torah combined with yeshiva increases wisdom.





The Ramchal on Geulah and the Importance of Batei Medrash as Little Windows

"I will now explain what will take place at the end of Time, and this secret was revealed by Moshe Rabbenu. `In your affliction, all of these happenings will befall you...' Upon viewing this period in time, Dovid Hamelech stated, `Why, Hashem, do You stand from afar!' Understand this well.





The Lag B'omer Celebration on Djerba is Cancelled

The Staff for the Fight Against Terror issues yearly warnings before the Jewish community's Lag B'omer celebration in Djerba, Tunisia, which commences from Pesach Sheini until Lag B'omer, attracting huge masses of Jews from all over the world, including from Israel. This year, the Staff omitted this warning. The Jewish community in Tunisia, headed by their chief rabbi, HaRav Chaim Bitan, imposed upon themselves a quarantine to fend off the plague from their community.




The Scapegoat

by L. Jungerman


"And Aharon shall lay two lots upon the goats, one lot for Hashem and one lot for Azazel." (from parshas Acharei Mos)

The chapter of the Yom Kippur goat sacrifices is shrouded in mystery. What is the meaning of the lots that were cast, and what is the significance of sending the goat to Azazel? How can the goat bear upon his back, as it were, all of the sins of Israel, and how are these sins atoned for through the shattering of his bones? A profound enigma.

And yet, our Torah sages of ancient times opened for us a slit to admit some light of knowledge and understanding into the essence of these matters that are so profound, those lofty ideas represented by the sending off of the scapegoat to his death at Azazel.

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From Our Archives

Understanding the Background of BaHaB and Pesach Sheni

by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

BaHaB -- A Time For Teshuvoh

Hallel, new clothes, mitzvos, and seudas. The yomim tovim overflow with simcha. Here lies an opportunity for tremendous ascent in one's spiritual level.

At the same time, inherent in every possibility for growth lies an equally great chance of moving in the reverse direction. Little does one suspect that a droshoh can be fertile ground for transgression, if men and women congregate there together. Our Sages established BaHaB (an acronym for Beis, Hei, Beis [i.e. Monday, Thursday, Monday] the days that this minhag encompasses) three days of teshuvoh and tefillah after yom tov, in case one stumbled in the course of his exuberance (Tosafos, Kiddushin 81a; Tur 492).


Av, 5765 - Kislev 5766 (August-December 2005)

May-July, 2005