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7 Av, 5779 - August 8, 2019 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Devorim-5779 Published Weekly

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The Vigil Over the Self-determination of Bais Yaakov and its Purity

The blessings of our Torah leaders, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, the Rosh Yeshiva and the Belzer Rebbe accompanied the annual rally of the Union of Seminary Administrators. About one hundred principals from all over the country, representing tens of thousands of Bais Yaakov seminary students, gathered in the Zippori baKfar hotel for a day long seminar to discuss the challenges of these times. The educational goals of the Union of Bais Yaakov Seminary Administrators embraces all of the institutions representing those institutions which follow the same approach to education and jointly with the spectrum of those subjects dealt with most gravely during this seminary.

The keynote address was delivered by Rosh Yeshivas Yad Aharon, HaRav Yehoshua Eichenstein, who opened with these words: "The central theme occupying our attention is how to imbue the concepts of character refinement in this generation




A Negtive Milestone: Agudah Has to Write its Own Version of Government Mandated Education

In the spring of 2018, both New York State and New York City enacted new legislation to discourage gender-based harassment. Under N.Y. Labor Law Section 201-g, all NY employers, regardless of size, must adopt and distribute a written anti-harassment policy. This includes nonprofits such as shuls, yeshivos, and summer camps. The employers must also provide interactive annual training, covering specific topics, to all employees by October 9, 2019.

To assist with compliance, NYC created a model training program. In response, many frum employers reached out to Agudath Israel of America for help. They had several concerns about the model government training program:







Lies and Incitement by Lapid Against the Chareidim (Us)

Despite the merger of Yesh Atid with Ganz and Ya'alon, the party chairman, Yair Lapid, has no interest in freeing himself from his habit of inciting against the chareidi public. In these past few days, Lapid has released a clip with extreme and abusive messages as part of his election campaign.





Netanyahu Says He is Committed to Bringing Pollard to Israel

The Prime Minister's office published this past Monday an announcement saying, "Israel is committed to bring back Jonathan Pollard to Israel. The Prime Minister will continue to make efforts until he is brought to Israel." This announcement followed a rare interview which Pollard gave on Monday to "Chadashot 11".





The Campaign Slogan of UTJ

"In the moment of truth, every vote counts! - 'Gimmel' " is not only an election slogan. It is a slogan which encapsulates the past election campaign and is a call for the second round of the decisive upcoming election, a slogan which proved itself last time and is as pivotal as before.





The Epoch of the Messiah — Ikvesa DeMeshicha

Part VI


The essay was originally published by R' Elchonon to give perspective on the events of his time, and how they were seen and foreseen by chazal. Although it first appeared in Yiddish in 5699-1939, eighty years ago, its message is still fresh and vital.

Part VI

Golus-Policy of Our Fathers

The saintly Chofetz Chaim often used to declare (On The Torah 102): There are periods in a man's life when he is called upon to make a decision, and cannot come to any resolve. Often it is in a matter of supreme importance to him; and, through not knowing what to do, he finally comes to despair. Someone whispers in his ear: You can ask the advice of G-d in His glory in this matter.

"How this?" wonders the man.

In fact, said the Chofetz Chaim, this privilege is given to every man. We possess a Torah which comprises solutions to all problems. As the rabbis say, "There is nothing on earth which is not indicated in the Torah." (Tosafos Yeshonim on Yoma 38b) The solution which we find in the Torah is G-d's advice.

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From Our Archives

The Lower Mikdosh and the Upper Mikdosh

by Mordecai Plaut

The physical destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh that took place on Tisha B'Av is not the only expression of churban. It is not even the main expression nor is it the first expression of the destruction. It all started from the spiritual churban, as the Shechina was exiled from the Jewish heart.

Reclaiming Jewish Children after the Holocaust

by M. Samsonowitz

These days as we feel the terrible, long golus so acutely and long for its end, we present these stories of some of the darkest days of the exile, and how these tragic stories were resolved.

When the Holocaust came to an end in April, 1945, the Jewish community faced a lengthy period of recovery and rebuilding that would take many decades. On an individual basis, relatives had to be found, families had to be established, people had to settle in new lands and set up their own homes, and they had to engage in livelihoods to support themselves.

In the public arena, the Jewish community had to rebuild its yeshivos and community institutions in the new locations where Jews had drifted and been tossed.

Although all these needs were necessary and urgent, no one would dispute that among all the rehabilitation efforts, one of the most urgent was reclaiming Jewish children who had been hidden among non-Jews during the years of fury. Most of these children had been given to gentiles by their heart- broken parents who feared that death was imminent. Some of them were even too young to recall their parents or to remember their Jewish heritage. Others had deep scars and phobias concerning their Jewish identity.

Bein Hazmanim

by HaRav Meir Kessler

There are three main reasons for allowing a period of bein hazmanim for yeshivas:

1) A person requires rest and a break from his daily toil, whether the toil of work and ol parnossoh which is a result of the decree "bezei'as apecho tochal lechem" which was the response to the cheit of Odom Horishon, or whether it is from the amal haTorah which, even though it is the foundation of the world and is the purpose of creation, it also has its source in the cheit of Odom Horishon. If not for this cheit, the crown of Torah would be more easily reached and without so much toil, similar to what we see by animals which do not have to toil for their food and therefore do not have a need for any vacation.


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