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Parnossoh Under a Threat

By The Rabbinical Committee to Fortify the Das

The Kotzker Rebbe said that a person should feel as if his yetzer hora is standing above him with an ax, waiting for the moment he can chop off his head.

If a person does not feel this, it is a sign that the yetzer has already done so!

This is true sevenfold regarding a workplace which includes people who are not Torah-observant or only partially so.

Spiritual bacteria run rampant in that place.

An atheistic atmosphere.


Ethical superficiality.

All of these are not negligible but constitute a contagious disease.

One who is forced to enter such a place even for a short time, must do so with a surgeon's mask and gloves.

Truthfully and regrettably, the condition of workplaces these days is discreditable, and the supply of chareidi jobs in general is small, and surely not enough for our public.

"This is a forced situation; there simply is no alternative," is what is voiced by many.

"So why don't our people go to work by Arabs?" HaRav Nissim Karelitz asked.

"Because they are afraid."

"But from a negative spiritual influence one should be much more fearful!" he replied.

The distinction between the danger in the various workplaces should create a tremendous demand and even a surge to find work in a kosher environment. At least our public should insist on a separate room, free of contagious bacteria.

It is necessary to add safeguards which are personally adapted so that one can honestly testify that such an atmosphere is conducive to a proper spiritual environment.

A workplace should suit me, as I am - to my personality, my home, my spiritual level and my personal trials and tests.

And if not, it is not part of my hishtadlus.

A person should give all that he possibly can for the safety of his soul. With his soul does he earn his bread — so long as he does not sell his soul for that bread.

The main thing, as in war, is not to remain indifferent and complacent! In such places, one must remain vigilant, morning, afternoon and night.

The moment that a person feels that the danger has passed and he no longer requires being watchful from such a society, it is a sign that he has already changed and succumbed.

Presented by the Rabbinical Committee for the Character of a Workplace


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