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27 Nisan 5778 - April 12, 2018 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Tazria-Metzora-5778 Published Weekly

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At The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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N.Y. Recognizes Yeshiva Education as Equivalent to State Education

The New York State 2018-19 budget, enacted on the first day of Pesach, includes a major new provision that has, for the first time, recognized that a yeshiva education develops the students intellectual abilities, including his or her ability to think critically, that is successfully.


Chizuk for Bein Hazmanim

In remarks at a special Yom Iyun of the Beis Medrash for Halacha in the Settlements, HaRav Gershon Edelstein said:


The Annual Kinus of Lev L'Achim

On Wednesday the annual Kinus of Lev L'Achim was held in Bnei Brak, attended by gedolei Yisroel.

The absence of Rabbeinu HaRav Aharon Shteinman zt"l was acutely felt, since kiruv was something that was close to his heart. His son, HaRav Moshe Shteinman said that it was something that he always worked for, many years before the founding of Lev L'Achim.



Daf Yomi to Celebrate Siyum on Seder Nezikin

Hundreds of thousands of Yidden across the globe are set to celebrate one of the most important milestones in their limud of Daf Yomi. On Shabbos Parsha Shemini (Tazria-Metzora in Eretz Yisroel), Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar, lomdei Daf Yomi will celebrate the completion of Seder Nezikin and will begin learning Maseches Zevochim, the first Masechta in Seder Kodshim. Seder Kodshim is a unique and challenging part of Shas, a combination of fascinating knowledge about the era of the Bais Hamikdash and illuminating lomdus.



Rain and Kinneret Watch

by Dei'ah Vedibur Staff

Our weekly report of the rain and the level of the Kineret - 5778.

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From Our Archives

Enjoying Tefillah

by HaRav Yehoshua Shklar

Why do we find so many people who are unmindful about the way they daven to Hashem, even though everyone agrees that tefillah is of the utmost importance? Maran the mashgiach, HaRav Yechezkel Levenstein zt'l, (Likutei Yechezkel, pg. 77), answers this puzzling question:

Worries about the Rule of Law

by Mordecai Plaut

The investigation against HaRav Ovadia Yosef for his remarks in his motzei Shabbos talk criticizing Education Minister Yossi Sarid and comparing him to Amolek, try as one might, can hardly be seen as a purely legalistic concern for the rule of law. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, this and other actions of the legal and police establishment are carried out in a way that loudly proclaims that the motives are deeply sullied by extraneous considerations.


One More Victory Like This...

by P. Chovav

The champions of the Rule of Law in Israel, surely had reason to celebrate on the day the Attorney General announced his decision to instruct the police to investigate Shas leader, HaRav Ovadia Yosef. His alleged violations included the prohibition against slandering one's fellow; clause 4)a( of the Order for the Prevention of Terror; clause 288 of the Penal Law forbidding the offending of a public worker; clause 192 of the Penal Law which forbids making threats of violence.



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