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Keeping Shabbos Pays Off

By Yechiel Sever

Jordan River Rafting

Dozens of vacation resorts and attractions, including many established and central ones, relatively recently decided to join the Shabbos observers and not operate on Shabbos and Yom Tov. Since this decision of joining the `King's legion', they tell Yated Ne'eman that they do not cease experiencing blessing in their work. "Not only have we not lost out, but on the contrary, our income has increased in inexplicable proportions." Yaron Mark from "Indi Park", Nadav Nevo from "Chavayat HaGilboa" and Eren Gigi from "Jordan River Rafting" are merely a representative example of those who have been privileged to make a Kiddush Hashem and receive the blessings of Shabbos which are worth more than thousands in gold and silver, since [Shabbos] is the source of all blessing.

Dozens of vacation places which began closing on Shabbos, came out with an amazing statement: "We decided to close down on Shabbos and Yom Tov. We operate as usual during the week but when Shabbos comes, we feel that we also deserve to rest with our families. We thought we would lose out," said a sampling of a representation of such spots which joined the list of Shomer Shabbos sites, "but not only did we not suffer, but we actually increased our income. We also gained something that cannot be measured in monetary value: spending Shabbos together with the family, to rest, to be detached from the telephone. This is indeed a tremendous and powerful blessing."

Indie Park

The huge grounds of Indi Park in Yesud Hama'ala include no less than 19 major attractions including boating, omega, a climbing wall, bike riding, a rope climbing park, paintball, handicraft workshops for the entire family, a climbing wall opposite a waterfall, a new attraction of surfing, and completely separate boating throughout the day along two streams, without any mixing or tents alongside the banks. In short, it offers a full day of nonstop activity.

This past year, this immense amusement park joined the list of Shomer Shabbos vacation sites, and ever since, it teems with visitors at all times. Owner Yaron Mark tells us about his dramatic decision: "I made this historic choice to close the site on Shabbat and Yom Tov thanks to my wife who comes from a religious family. She had been begging me to close it for a long time but I was afraid of financial losses. In the end, for the sake of family harmony, I gave in and to my amazement, our income has doubled and tripled.

"If in the past we used to get about 200 visitors during a weekday, today we get 800. This is an incredible increase! I can't begin to explain it. At this very moment, we have here 600 girls and when they leave, they will be replaced with 200 boys, and when they leave, another large group will arrive and stay until morning."

When you contemplate this dramatic step, how do you feel about it?

"If you had told me a year ago that every Sunday Yaron Mark would tell everyone that he is eagerly waiting for Friday, I wouldn't have believed you. Someone who has worked for so many years, ever since I can remember, on Shabbat and festivals, suddenly finds himself at home with his wife and children on those days! My employees are similarly spending the day resting with their respective families, and it all reflects on the entire work week." This is his description of the `gift of Shabbat' in his eyes.

Chavayat HaGilboa

"During the entire week, we find ourselves treating our clients much better, with lots of energy, since you have a day of rest to look forward to. You're not an animal; you're dealing with people. Our human relations are above everything. Our purpose is that all of the guests who come here, many of them from the chareidi sector, receive the best possible service, the best treatment including patience. But we all have an eye on the upcoming Shabbat which we can spend with our families and rest up. This is the greatest secret of the success of this place."

When you see the blessing of Shabbat in your enterprise in supernatural form, how do you relate to it?

"I find it difficult to explain how tremendous the blessing we experienced from the moment we closed the site on Shabbat. I always heard stories about this phenomenon, including those that tell that there is no blessing from income earned on Shabbat. But when you begin seeing it with your own eyes, that from the moment I decided to close the site down on Shabbat, instead of having 200 visitors a day, we had 800, all of them enjoying themselves from the place and the courteous service, I could hardly believe the extent of the blessing of Shabbat."


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