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Chizuk at the Beginning of the Zman

by Yechiel Sever

HaRav Gershon Edelstein spoke at a special gathering of chizuk for the summer zman, organized by the Yissochor BeOholecha network of kollelim that include 38 kollelim from all over the country.

HaRav Edelstein said:

In seforim it says that a person should know the importance of the good deeds that he does, in order to encourage himself to continue doing them. Therefore it is proper to appreciate the importance and the true meaning of learning Torah. By doing so one accrues merit for not only himself but the entire world, since he spreads kedushoh and merit to the entire world. As the Chazon Ish wrote in a letter, the influence of a true ba'al Torah is felt in his vicinity.

The Mizrach at the chizuk gathering. From Left to Right:
HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, HaRav Edelstein (speaking), HaRav Dov Lando, HaRav Don Siegel

Limud Torah is as weighty as all other mitzvos, as it says in Pei'ah that the reward of Torah is as great as all the other mitzvos mentioned there, and that one consumes its fruits in this world and the principle persists until Olam Haba. This refers not only to the reward but also to the importance of the learning itself. Limud Torah sanctifies a person more than any other mitzvah. Those who cause many others to learn also merit success in Torah, midda kenegged midda, as it says, from my students more than from all others. Those who support Torah also are zoche to learn Torah in Olam Haba as is known from various stories.

I know of someone who left a will that included support for Torah. They bought a bookcase with books for Ponovezh Yeshiva. Later the deceased appeared in a dream and he quoted the thoughts of the Rashba in Gittin, even though in his lifetime he knew nothing of the Rashba. Since his money was used to buy the works of the Rashba, and at that time they learned Gittin in the yeshiva, he also learned that material in the Heavenly Academy.

It is also important to know that someone who lives with emunah has a happy life since he knows that everything is min haShomayim and to his benefit, as it says, "All that is done by the Merciful One is done for the good." This is so even if he does not always understand that it is for the good. It is like a doctor who prescribes a medicine. One relies on the doctor that the medicine is good for him. How much more should one rely on the words of Chazal that all is for the good. As a result there is no pain or anguish and there is no reason to object, since all is for the good.

Boruch Hashem we see the avreichim here, who have hatzlochoh in Torah and love of Torah, and they come to hear divrei chizuk, which is a merit in itself. They should delight in the good deeds they do and be encouraged to continue doing all this by regular reading of sifrei mussar. Yehi ratzon that we all will all have siyata deShmaya.

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