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Chizuk: Cancellation of Negative Income Tax and the Flask of Monn

by S.R.

As is known, the government has discontinued the Negative Income Tax subsidies to thousands of avreichim who live in dire poverty. But it should be noted by examining the lives of Torah scholars that their livelihood falls into the example of the Flask of Monn, that is, it is supernaturally governed that each day has its food allotment. The truth is that even when the N.I.T. was in effect, subsistence was also regarded as a miracle, for the handful cannot be expected to satisfy the proverbial lion. There are so many side expenses in any event so that today, when this subsidy was cut off and one needs an even greater miracle, vis-a-vis Hashem it makes no difference if a minor miracle is required or a major one. Thus, one must always look up to Hashem for His day-to-day subsistence under all circumstances.

HaRav Avrohom Pam once said: Some people think that they are not sufficiently immersed in their Torah study to warrant the miraculous Heavenly dispensation of sustenance like the Flask of Monn. But in truth, it doesn't work that way. When the Jews left Egypt and entered the desert, they were fed by the Monn even though they had not yet received the Torah and were only at the beginning of the road, so to speak. But because they wanted to receive the Torah, Hashem already provided them with this `bread.' In similar manner, if only we desire the Torah and make an effort to delving into it, we will already merit miraculous Providence similar to the falling of the Monn (per the Meshech Chochmoh on Shemos 16:32).

This is truly the time to strengthen our awareness of the importance and precious advantage of the Torah so that we and our families be able to withstand this test through the joy of the mitzvah. This is aside from the fact that the very challenge increases the reward, since "one time through suffering is greater than one hundred times without."

HaRav Arye Finkel said lately, "Whoever studies Torah should be aware that he is realizing the fulfillment of the guarantee that `it shall not be forgotten from his seed'!" He also added: See how amazing it is: during our two thousand years of exile, many nations have risen and fallen. Our Torah was given almost four thousand years ago, and yet we see that people still study it, which goes to tangibly demonstrate the fulfillment of the guarantee that `it shall not be forgotten from his seed'. If we see that this has been carried out, we can also hope that all the other promises of our prophets will be similarly realized."

Each one should know that the eyes of all the generations are uplifted to him — our fathers and father's fathers — that he continue to hold on to the Torah Tree of Life and to remain in the tent of Torah, whose wellspring will never dry up and whose Tree will never be chopped down, for we have seen that those recent generations who shunned the Torah became altogether removed from it. When we fortify our recognition in the advantage of a life of Torah together with the pure trust that those who seek Hashem will not lack all goodness, it will give them the stamina to withstand even those situations where it seems that the money will not suffice the even daily staple needs.


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