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Consult the Rabbinical Committee to Strengthen the Walls of the Religion

By Yechiel Sever

Gedolei Yisroel headed by HaRav Shteinman and HaRav Kanievsky have publicized a Daas Torah letter regarding the necessity to guard against the pitfalls of the Internet at places of work. Those who require it should make sure that there is proper blockage as advised and guided by the Ve'idas HaRabbonim Levitzur Chomos Hadas which guides those who are forced to use it for their livelihood, based on the specific ruling of their rav.

Last summer, a gathering of hundreds of officiating rabbonim of congregations, across the board of the various communities and religious leanings, on behalf of the Ve'idas HaRabbonim Levitzur Chomos Hadas, took place, headed by HaRav Shteinman and HaRav Kanievsky, whose aim was to come up with solutions against the ravages of Internet, the dreadful danger of which has felled many victims and destroyed many families.

HaRav Shteinman addressed the hundreds of attending rabbonim, saying, "This is something that teshuva can hardly repair and it is worse than anything else."

HaRav Wosner wrote a special letter to the Committee which was read to the assembly, stating: "Employers must be vigilant and prevent their workers from using the Internet without adequate screening so that they not be guilty of `Do not put a pitfall before the blind.' Here, too, do we warn avreichim and parents who are concerned for the parnossa of their wives and daughters to examine if their workplace is indeed properly protected from all evil things.

"Blessed are those who toil in the area of preserving the sanctity of Jewry over the generations, and I hereby join you to uphold this ban and safeguard the purity of our people."

HaRav Karelitz said in his message which was delivered to the hundreds in the audience that "this is a spiritual self preservation [pikuach nefesh]."

HaRav Kanievsky wrote in his letter which was read aloud by HaRav Zilberstein: "All of us are duty bound to try our utmost to uproot this scourge which is growing daily."

HaRav Shalom Cohen said upon that occasion, "One who maintains Internet which is not filtered properly is considered to be harboring the Angel of Death in his home."

All of these messages aroused positive waves among Torah-true Jewry to bolster the walls of purity and sanctity in the vineyard of Jewry and to distance ourselves from the pitfalls and enticements against which gedolei Yisroel warned.

In the framework of the decisions arrived at in this rally, a special nerve center was established for technological consultation by professionals, operated by the Rabbinical Committee for Defending the Walls of Religion, under the guidance of a roster of rabbonim presenting professional solutions to institutions and individuals who require the use of Internet in their work and their livelihood for adequate blockage. This center has already helped hundreds of work places in creating the necessary protection, and many others have also been helped in standing up to their employers to provide said blockage so as not to have access to the dangers in usage thereof.

The center's phone number: 1599-550-330.

Similarly, one can receive educational guidance by the Center for Protection Against Technological Pitfalls which provides the tools to deal with this severe problem, as well as guidance and information in general and in particular in removing this terrible danger threatening Jewry by those using unmonitored used of Internet, whose dangers are tremendous.


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