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"Beis Ve'idas HaRabbonim for the Fortification of Das" Inaugurated

By Yechiel Sever

In an exalted event including Roshei Yeshiva and rabbonim, the new "Beis Ve'idas Rabbonim for the Fortification of Das" was inaugurated in Bnei Brak as the headquarters of activities in everything connected to the struggle for the preservation of the kedushoh of all our generations and saving us from the ills of modern technology. It will be on constant vigil by the member rabbonim who are under the direction and guidance of our gedolei Yisroel.

The roshei yeshiva and rabbonim held an extended discussion regarding the necessary measures to combat the scourges of technology which are on the increase in number and sophistication and embody terrible dangers to our sanctity. They reviewed the activities of the headquarters established by the Beis Ve'idas Rabbonim providing counsel on the ways of proper screening and blockage in work places, as our gedolim have established in a special letter publicized two weeks ago.

Relevant data which has been flowing into this special control center was presented to the rabbonim, showing the thousands of appeals from offices and work places to create proper blockage compatible with the Torah. Future operations were also discussed for this nerve center, which will serve as a meeting place and consultation center for professionals and administrators of Torah educational institutions in order to formulate the maximum screening possible for work places of the shomer mitzvah public.

HaRav Moshe Hirsch said that concurrent with activities among the employees requiring use of those devices for their work even after proper screening has been installed, there is an additional need to hold large assemblies to increase awareness in all public levels so as to distance every possibility of these threatening devices to wreak their havoc amongst our people.

HaRav Dovid Cohen spoke movingly, saying that these activities are the very preservation of the Torah world and the survival of Klal Yisroel. If we do not join forces to protect ourselves, we are in danger of perdition. The public is not even aware of the extent of this threat; Satan is waiting to destroy us and we must increase awareness in every possible way. Some people glibly think that `it won't happen to me' but to our distress, we hear terrible things about men and woman alike who fell victims in this area and of families that were dismantled. Therefore it is imperative to engage in widespread activities to create a protective buffer against this disastrous danger.


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