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Letter from HaRav Yitzchok Zilberstein shlita

Recently all gedolei Yisroel have called unequivocally to banish these destructive elements from the houses of Israel. Even someone who needs them for his parnossoh must install the strongest filter that there is. If anyone thinks that because of his parnossoh needs he cannot install a filter, he should know that now the sitra achra is supplying his parnossoh, but in the end he will lose his entire World, and his parnossoh as well. It is not reasonable to think that HaKodosh Boruch Hu will give him his parnossoh only in a forbidden way.

I told him that it is not likely that you are correct, but just try to imagine Klal Yisroel without Yosef Hatzaddik. Maybe there would be no Am Yisroel. And through what merit was Yosef Hatzaddik saved from sin? In the merit that he listened to chachomim without qualification, but just taking things at face value.

There is one opinion in the gemora (Sotah 36b) that Yosef went to his master's home in order to sin but at that moment an image of his father appeared in the window and said to him: "Yosef! Your brothers will be written on the stones of the Ephod, including you. Do you want your name to be struck out from among them?" And he immediately abandoned his intention.

My father-in-law and teacher HaRav Eliashiv zt"l said (He'oros Shabbos 49b) it would seem that, after he had been sold, Yosef Hatzaddik thought that his brothers were murderers, for they had thrown him into a pit full of snakes and scorpions. When he heard that his brothers would be inscribed on the Ephod and his name would be taken off, he would not have understood this. According to what he knew, they were much greater sinners than he. His intention was for good, since she had told him that she saw that two tribes would issue out of the two of them, and, on the other hand, his brothers had sinned without any justification. Therefore, when he heard something like this, that his brothers would be inscribed on the Ephod and he not, he had all the reasons in the world not to refrain from the sin, and he could tell himself that there had been some terrible mistake, and apparently he was not meant by the message. But Yosef Hatzaddik acted without any cheshbonos and just based on the simple fact that he had heard from his father that they will be on the Ephod and he not, that kept him from sinning.

And my father-in-law and teacher zt"l added that this should be a lesson for us throughout our lives, that we should listen to chachomim without cheshbonos, and this itself will help to keep us from sinning.

And he who listens to divrei chachomim who prohibit the instruments that bring to sin, will merit kol tuv.

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