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"The State Must Enable In-Ground Burial"

In a discussion held by the Knesset Finance Committee during the election interim, in which a budget for the continued development of conventional land burial was to be submitted, committee chairman Rabbi Gafni invited the Religions Minister to state his official position regarding the pressing lack of burial space in Israel and especially in view of the fact that many citizens who are interested in open land, or field, burial, which is the halachically correct way, are unable to be buried this and must submit to concentrated, or layered, burial against their will.

Chinuch Convention for Principals and Educators

A central conference for hundreds of cheder melamdim in Bnei Brak was organized by the administrators of the Shaarei Hayeshiva Organization. This major gathering took place in the Oholei Yosef Senior Citizens beis medrash on Rechov Rav Hirsch 10.

Tremendous Response to Agudah Sponsored "Elections Fair" in Israel

Heightened activity is apparent in the "U.S. Citizens in Israel Gemach" sponsored by Agudath Israel of America, which offers voting services to eligible voters in various areas throughout Israel for the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

Digital Water Meter in Jerusalem Replaced by Gichon

Ramat Shlomo residents in Jerusalem were shocked this past week to discover that the water meter to their beis knesset had been replaced by a digital Octave clock. This model is the worst, as far halachic infractions since it operates by sophisticated sensors that electronically register the water flow for every 70 milliliters of water. In addition, this device has an electronic display which registers the movement of every few liters, constituting a Shabbos violation according to all the major halachic authorities.

"Illegal and Irregular Procedure to Prevent Kindergarten Construction in Kiryat Yovel"

A week ago Wednesday, the Local Committee for Planning and Construction in Jerusalem dealt with the changes of the city's plans regarding the Warburg land plot in Kiryat Yovel, situated in the heart of this neighborhood. The proposal hastily submitted to the committee called for partial allocation for an aggressively non-religious institution, with the remainder designed for a communal cultural and recreational center.

HaAdmor Rabbi Yissochor Dov Rokach of Belz, zt"l
In honor of his yahrtzeit, 22 Cheshvan

Each of the Admorei Belz in succession not only served as rebbe to their own chassidim, but also as chief rov of the large, bustling city of Belz. Many of the local minhagim were kept according to the psak of its greatest posek, Rabbon shel Yisroel, the Bach (Reb Yoel Sirkish).