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HaRav Shach Said that if they Draft Yeshiva Students we must Leave Because it will be Dangerous to Stay

by Dei'ah Vedibbur Staff

Speaking at a special Atzeres Chizuk at Kol Torah Yeshiva on Sunday night, HaRav Boruch Shmuel Deutsch said that things looked very bleak and we should not just assume that things will work out.

The chareidi newspaper HaPeles reported that HaRav Deutsch said that HaRav Elya Lopian says in Lev Eliahu that when the kedushoh gets strong, the Other Side is also given extra power, as happened at the Maamad Har Sinai, when the Sitra Achra became desperate to strike at Klal Yisroel. HaRav Lopian said that a similar thing will happen as the time of Moshiach comes close.

We must not look at it as people, parties or a government. We have to know the truth, that the root of all these things is Above, and particularly at a time when the power of kedushoh is so much on the rise. The Tumah becomes desperate to stop it.

This is literally a battle between kedushoh and tumah. The powers of evil against the powers of Torah and mitzvos. HaKodosh Boruch Hu gives, as it were, strength to the Sitra Achra to fight with all means against the kedushoh. That is the situation we find ourselves in now. There is no other explanation for why, suddenly, all the powers that be are united with a single goal: to uproot Torah from Yisroel!

We must entrench in our hearts — not just to say that we believe — but to deeply implant within ourselves that we have no other purpose in life than to grow in Torah and avodoh.

We have to know that when we speak of mesirus nefesh, self-sacrifice, it is not just an inspiring phrase. Mesirus nefesh means self-sacrifice, exactly what it sounds like.

Rabbenu Hagodol Maran HaRav Shach zt"l once said that if they interfere over here with the learning of bnei yeshivos, we will all go to chutz la'aretz. One MK went and publicized this in the Knesset and made a lot of noise, and then he sent a letter of thanks to Maran zy"a. Rabbenu Hagodol was very angry about that. He did not say what he said as a threat, he did not say what he said as a means of pressure to that they would not draft bnei yeshivos — he said it as a psak halochoh! If this is the situation in Eretz Yisroel, that they will draft bnei yeshivos, then it is a dangerous place (mokom sakonoh) and we have to get out of here.

Rabbenu Hagodol complained that in all the publicity about what he said, his words lost their original meaning and became a means of political pressure, and not what they originally meant, that it is osur for us to stay in Eretz Yisroel in such an eventuality.

When the Chazon Ish said that drafting women is yeihoreg ve'al ya'avor he did not say this because he figured that if we say that we will succeed in our campaign by expressing he seriousness of the situation. He just paskened that the situation is yeihoreg ve'al ya'avor, exactly what it sounds like, because that was his conclusion according to halochoh.

In a situation like today's we have to be prepared for mesiras nefesh. That is the only thing. There is nothing that can be relied upon bederech hateva to help. There is no bitochon. `They will draft; they won't draft.' People make all kinds of calculations. In ruchniyus there is no bitochon. There is an obligation of mesiras nefesh, and there is some hope that if we accept the obligation of mesiras nefesh then HaKodosh Boruch Hu will help us.

I want to stress that in the battle of the kedushoh against the tumah the only thing we can do is to strengthen the power of kedushoh. To accept mesiras nefesh. I am not talking about yeihoreg ve'al ya'avor; I am not even talking about the difficult nisoyon of going to jail. I am talking, first of all, that they should sit and learn from morning to evening without stop. This is not even real mesiras nefesh. This is something that should always be done, but especially in a time like now when there are awful gezeiros. I have been here since this malchus horish'a started, and I can say that it has never been so bad. From within and from without.

Dear bnei yeshiva: the world stands upon you! Don't hesitate to do any hischazkus that you can. Don't do anything else by Torah, tefilloh and maasim tovim. That is what is incumbent upon us and it is our obligation.


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