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Letter from the Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman shlita

Note: This letter issued by HaRav Shteinman and also signed by HaRav Chaim Kanievsky has already had a big impact in the Torah community in Israel. Maggidei shiurim and roshei yeshiva have been inspired by it and are passing the message on to their students. On Thursday evening there will be special chizuk gatherings in most of the yeshivas.

We Must Guard the Torah and its Scholars from all Harm

The Rosh Yeshiva wrote his stirring letter as a response to the drastic decisions of the Perry Committee whose aim is to harm the community of yeshiva students and avreichim through a series of come-ons and enticements on the one hand, while imposing economic and civil sanctions in a futile and wicked attempt to foil the continued study of Bnei Torah who have always borne upon their shoulders the very perpetuity of the Jewish people throughout history - by ejecting them from the halls of Torah to the army and the `work force'.

Rabbi Gafni to Present Alternate Budget

MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni, former head of the Knesset Finance Committee, and MK Zahava Galon, head of the Meretz Party, presented an alternate budget for the State of Israel at a press conference on Wednesday morning. The two prominent members of the opposition worked hard to show that it is possible to make the full cuts of NIS 43 billion from the State budget without severe harm to the economically weaker elements of the population and the middle classes.

Two Avreichim Beaten Heavily During Demonstration Against Murder of British Soldier

Demonstrations which erupted recently throughout England following the murder of a soldier in London led to an anti- Semitic attack against Jews. This severe incident took place this past Shabbos parshas Behaalosecha when two avreichim taking a Shabbos afternoon walk in the center of Gateshead were brutally attacked by a group of teenagers demonstrating against the spreading of Moslems in the area.

Hidabrut Planning to Acquire Permit to Operate in the U.S.

The Hidabrut organization is planning to expand its activities all the way to the U.S., thanks to its phenomenal success in Eretz Yisroel. 264,000 families not connected to the shomrei Torah community are exposed every day to Jewish programs `round the clock. Over the past several years, numerous requests have reached the organization's offices to establish programs in the U.S. and effect the spiritual revolution there too, bringing the message of Yiddishkeit to the homes of thousands of spiritually distant Jews.

"The Torah World Will Continue to Blossom and Whoever Wishes to Study Will Continue to Do So"

"You should know that you won't succeed. The Torah world will continue to flourish and whoever wishes to study will continue to do so. You are selling illusions and creating headlines in order to deflect attention from your devastating economic blunders.

Current Flight Schedules Permissible for Kohanim

Members of the Bnei Brak Beis Din headed by HaRav Nissim Karelitz publicized a letter updating the changes in the times of flights permissible to kohanim. At some times, planes leaving or approaching Ben Gurion airport in Israel fly over a cemetery. This results exposing the kohanim on the plane to impurity that is forbidden to them.

HaRav Dovid Menachem Manish Babad, zt"l (Rav of Tarnopol)
IIn honor of his yahrtzeit, 21 Sivan (5697-1937)

The bi-annual "yerid" - business fair - in Strisov was made up of a mixed concoction of Jews from all over Galicia. After all, everyone has to make a livelihood.