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3 Sivan 5772 - May 24, 2012 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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Extensive Mass Prayers Throughout the Torah World for the Recovery of Maran HaRav Eliashiv
By Yechiel Sever

In yeshivos and Torah centers, prayers are being intensified for the speedy and complete recovery of Rabban shel Yisroel, Maran R' Yosef Sholom ben Chaya Musha Eliashiv, due to the recent setback in his condition these past days.

Tens of Thousands of American Torah-True Jewry Took a Stand Against the Damage of the Internet
By Y. Schechter

Over seventy thousand participants from the ranks of Torah-True Jewry in the U.S., headed by Gedolei Torah and Chassidus, gathered en masse to declare their stand against the ills of modern technology and the threat of the Internet, in a huge rally held in Citi Field, Queens, and which was broadcast live to dozens of additional centers throughout the world. More than forty thousand were present at Citi Field itself, and the rest were in various locations elsewhere.

Community Centers Throughout the U.S. Will Be Established to Counteract the Threat of Internet and Technological Ills
By Y. Shechter

In the wake of the tremendous awareness generated in the mass rally attended by tens of thousands of participants, several hours after it was over, a meeting summarizing the event was held in which Torah activists and disseminators, leaders and rabbis of congregation participated, headed by gedolei Torah and Chassidus.

Holy Letter from HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlita
The Internet is the Yetzer of Avoda Zorah and Giluy Arayos in Our Generation and it is a Source of Great Destruction of Israel

BeH"y 24 Iyar, 5772 To Our Brethren of All Israel Wherever They Be: May the Pleasantness of Hashem be Upon You The Internet is the yetzer of Avoda Zorah and Giluy Arayos in our generation and it is a source of great destruction of Israel. It has felled many victims unto the deepest nether world R"l, and there is no home in which the instruments of the Internet are present and they did not stumble over very serious sins. Entire families and homes that were filled with goodness were destroyed by this Rachmono litzlan, and all are obligated to find a method and to assemble together to determine how to slaughter this yetzer hora. Therefore the great rabbis of America are doing the right thing in arranging for a great asifa in which tens of thousands of yereim and shleimim will participate, to find methods to correct this wrong thing. Certainly all those who participate and who help in this holy project will merit nachas from all their descendants and will merit to be saved from the yetzer hora and from all manner of bad things.

Knesset Approves Two Bills Broadening Civil Marriage Registration ("the Tzohar Bill")
By Yechiel Rauchberger

Despite vehement opposition by the representatives of Degel HaTorah and Shas MKs, as well as MK Michael Ben Ari from HaIchud Haleumi, the Knesset approved this past Monday, with a broad majority and at its first reading, two bills establishing special districts for civil marriage registration, known as the Tzohar Law.

The Shearis Zeev - HaRav Zeev Wolff Willner, Hy"d, of Plavnitz

In honor of his yahrtzeit

The phenomenal extent to which hachnosas orchim was carried out in the home of HaRav Wolff Willner was a legend. Every destitute beggar, whom the world had turned its back and rejected, knew that there he would find a warm heart and home and enough food to satisfy a king.

From Our Archives

A Brisker Mehalech Rav Shimon Yosef Meller travels to Brisk
by Rav Aryeh Gefen

Part II The first part of this report of the trip last summer of Rav Shimon Yosef Meller (author of Shai LaTorah, five volumes, Uvdos Vehanhogos Lebeis Brisk, four volumes, and Nesich Mamleches HaTorah) to Brisk, a journey of discovery undertaken by one who devoted many years of scholarship to studying that area.

Opinion and Comment
Any Corruption is Intolerable

by Mordecai Plaut

It is one of the cardinal principles of Torah and a crucial component of the Torah hashkofoh that neither a person nor life is compartmentalized. Everything, great and small, must be done properly, according to the moral and legal prescriptions of Torah. "The law of a penny is the same as the law of a hundred." Even the things that we crush underfoot, we are taught, may truly stand at the heights of the world.

The Proper Preparation for Shavuos

by HaRav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz

This article was prepared based on a shmuess delivered on erev Shavuos 5759 in the Beis Medrash Elyon and kollel Toras Chesed.

"In the third month, after bnei Yisroel left the land of Egypt, on that same day, they came into the Sinai desert. For they departed from Refidim, and came to the Sinai desert, and pitched in the desert; and there Yisroel camped before the mountain" (Shemos 19:1-2). Chazal expound in the Mechilta: "Just as their purpose of coming to the Sinai desert was to receive the Torah, so their purpose of traveling from Refidim was to receive the Torah."

The Judgments of Shavuos

by L. Jungerman

"And you shall count for you from the morrow of the festival... seven weeks shall they be" (Vayikro 23:15).

The Zohar writes: "Come and see: any person who does not count this enumeration of seven complete weeks in order to merit this purity, is not considered pure and cannot be included in the category of the pure, and he is not worthy of sharing any part in the Torah!"


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