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Thousands of Jerusalemites Protest Intel Shabbos Desecration
By Yechiel Sever

Rabbonim and public figures objected to government and city officials who aligned themselves with the provocative campaign and empty rhetoric against the chareidi community voiced in the secular media regarding the demonstration on Shabbos Kodesh, when thousands of Jerusalem residents came to protest Intel's move to employ dozens of workers on Shabbos and chagim at its Har Chotzvim chip plant.

Eternal Jewish Family Sponsors Conference for Dayonim
By Yechiel Sever

During the week of parshas Chayei Soroh, Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) held a three-day conference for dayonim in New Jersey. The organization invited dozens of dayonim and rabbis of congregations to the conference who had adopted the guidelines and standards delineated by the rabbonim and heads of EJF. A variety of halachic topics on conversion and intermarriage were discussed.

Shatnez Commonplace in Winter Clothes
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Last week's heavy autumn rainfall in Eretz Yisroel heralding the imminent arrival of winter led to a 50-percent increase in retail clothing sales. But along with hopes for a wet winter, shatnez experts are warning of a sharp increase in the number of garments found to contain forbidden mixtures.

Vandals Burn Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel's Gravesite in Northern Israel
By Y. Sheinfeld

Visitors at the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel in Kfar Kana near the town of Natzeret in the Galilee Region were shocked to find the site had been desecrated and torched. The unidentified vandals also left offensive graffiti on the walls of the cave.

HaRav Dovid Kviat zt"l
By Yechiel Sever

The Torah and yeshiva world was struck with mourning when news arrived of the histalkus of HaRav Dovid Kviat zt"l, one of the roshei yeshiva of Yeshivas Mir of the US, author of the Succas Dovid series on the Shas, rov of Chofetz Chaim, an Agudas Yisroel beis medrash located on 16th Avenue in Boro Park, and chairman of the Rabbinical Committee of Agudas Yisroel of America.

Rebbetzin Itka Berman o"h
By Yechiel Sever

Led by gedolei Torah, roshei yeshivos, rabbonim and dayonim, thousands laid to rest Rebbetzin Itka Berman o"h, the widow of HaRav Abba Berman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Iyun HaTalmud. She passed away at the age of 75.

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