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30 Kislev 5770 - December 17, 2009 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly










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Daas Torah and Warning Against the Danger of "Chareidi" Internet

TThe dangers associated with the Internet are well known. "All who go to it do not return" [Mishlei 2:19] and many Jews have already fallen into its snare. The Internet has been forbidden for use in any home (as publicized in letters by gedolei Yisroel in 5759 and 5760). Even in workplaces outside the home where Internet use is a necessity this prohibition applies to Internet that is not completely filtered in accordance with halacha against any forbidden text or image and against the abovementioned "chareidi" networks.

Recently, certain figures have even posted "chareidi" Internet channels (sites) that send forth all sorts of news items and gossip and slanderous remarks against the chareidi public, and disseminate loshon hora and rechilus, lies and filthy tumoh to thousands and tens of thousands, and scorn talmidei chachomim and increase machlokes among the Jewish people. All this takes place with total abandon, ensnaring people in severe Torah prohibitions best left unmentioned. Even if these sites were free of all of the above prohibitions, they lead people to use the Internet, which is impure and has led to the downfall of numerous Jews.

With regard to those who are ensnared and cooperate with them, we hereby issue a stern warning not to visit these channels and not to cooperate with them in any way, and not to advertise on them, whether as an individual, an organization or a company. All of the prohibitions and boundaries set by gedolei Yisroel in regard to television fully apply to these Internet channels.

These channels must be uprooted and removed from our midst.

Nobody can say how much devastation this wreaks in Klal Yisroel, as explicated in the introduction to the book Chofetz Chaim, citing the words of the Holy Zohar, Parshas Pekudei, that all this is part of the trials as the arrival of Moshiach draws near.

May Hashem Yisborach take pity on His people and redeem them from all sorrow, and return His people soon to their rightful place, and may we merit the Geula speedily.

Signing in Kislev 5770

Yosef Sholom Eliashiv

Aharon Yuda Leib Shteinman

Yaakov Aryeh Alter (Admor of Gur)

Hakoton Yissochor Dov Rokeach (Admor of Belz)

Shmuel Halevi Wosner

Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz

(I, too, add my name to the above) Hakoton Yochonon Sofer

Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg

Avrohom Yaakov Friedman (Admor of Sadigora)

Hakoton Tzvi Elimelech (Admor of Sanz)

Nissim Karelitz

Chaim Kanievsky

Shmuel Auerbach

Eliezer (Admor of Seret-Vizhnitz)

Yaakov Yissochor Ber (of Nadvorna)

Menachem Nochum (Admor of Chernobyl)

Dovid Twersky (Admor of Rachmastrivka)

Yisroel Tzvi Yair (of Alexander)

Shimon Ba'adani

Yisroel of Vizhnitz

Moshe Tzadka


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