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Bottled Water Industry is the Fastest Growing in the World

By R. Gil

This year's holiday table will be more varied but healthier than ever, at least among those who choose to serve the new drink: Aqua Nova Soda. The trend towards more healthy foods serves as a marketing booster and has been transformed into an official marketing strategy at a significant number of companies.

Tempo, a veteran in the beverage industry with 60 percent of beer sales and an annual turnover estimated at NIS 800 million ($190 million), is leading the way. After strengthening its diet drinks (its flagship product, Pepsi Max, commands over 20 percent of the market) and beers (recently it launched Goldstar Lite, which contains 30 percent less calories) the company is gradually waging a campaign for the water market. One year ago it launched Aqua Nova bottled water in an attempt to raise the threshold for clean water in Israel.

What potential do you see in bottled water for the company?

Tempo Chairman Jack Bar: Today water is at every family event and work meeting. It's much more than a thirst- quenching drink. In France water is like wine and there are special experts who select the best water to go with a given meal. We see water as a platform for continued personal growth and for launching other products that will fit today's spirit of healthy nutrition.

What potential do these kinds of health-food labels have in the chareidi sector?

JB: Although the chareidi consumer is still perceived as using inexpensive products due to the sector's low average income levels, we are seeing greater sophistication in consumption habits in terms of brands as well, especially nutritional values. Since last year, when we began to operate in the sector through the chareidi unit of McCann Ericson, there has been a boost in marketing to the chareidi sector. As the only company that does not advertise on Shabbat and as someone who comes from inside the sector, we have a strong awareness of the special sensibilities and needs and will work to strengthen the connection through advertisement and focused moves.

What innovations can we expect to see? Does Barkan Wineries, which is under your ownership, plan to enter the chareidi sector?

JB: All of the products we produced will accommodate the spirit of health consciousness. We plan to grow by 10 percent in the sector this year. Regarding Barkan, is has not reached its full potential in the sector and we are currently addressing the issue to overcome the problem of wine availability.


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