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Rabbonim Told Not to Take Part in Ne'eman Conversion Committee

By Betzalel Kahn

Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Giyur founded by HaRav Chaim Kreiswirth zt"l is warning against further decline in conversion standards in Eretz Yisroel following a High Court hearing on Sunday to consider 12 petitions filed by the Reform Movement, which is demanding recognition of its conversions in terms of the Law of Return.

At Sunday's hearing the State presented a response, saying that PM Ehud Olmert has decided to set up a committee headed by Prof. Yaakov Ne'eman to find ways to implement the conclusions of the previous Ne'eman Committee on the conversion issue.

High Court President Dorit Beinish declared the State's proposal "lacking in seriousness" and instructed the State's Attorney to submit a more concrete proposal within 30 days.

MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni said he has a bill ready to table this week if the High Court decides to violate the status quo by recognizing Reform's so-called conversions. "The bill is based on the government's fundamental lines for preserving the status quo — certainly in an area that touches on such a vital matter," said Rabbi Gafni. "We oppose the Ne'eman Committee both in the past and today, a committee that seeks to legitimize movements trying to profane Kerem Beis Yisroel."

HaRav Nachum Eisenstein, spokesman for Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Giyur, is calling on the Chief Rabbinate not to seek compromises designed to facilitate conversion in order to show government authorities that the Chief Rabbinate is capable of performing large-scale conversion efficiently. Instead he is urging the Chief Rabbinate to ensure that the small number of conversion candidates who genuinely intend to keep Torah and mitzvos are accepted for Orthodox conversion.

"Only if we prove to all the officials that conversion is no joke but a completely halachic process without compromise will we be able to win the struggle that has now become a political battle rather than a halachic battle," said HaRav Eisenstein.

The Vaad Spokesman issued similar remarks at a conference for rabbonim and dayonim in Boston last week. At the conference he met with Chief Rabbi Amar, saying that measures must be taken to ensure Orthodox conversion meets halachic requirements.

Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Giyur is calling on all rabbonim to refuse to take part in the Ne'eman Committee, which has already demonstrated its intentions to set up joint institutes with the heretical movements in stark contradiction to all gedolei Yisroel.


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