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The Scoffing Sun
by Drora Matlofsky

The scoffing sun is at it again. He hasn't even got his hat on. In Israel, he is the only one without a hat, spilling his rays enthusaistically all over streets and deserts, beaches and fields.

In winter he plays hide and seek. He is never where you expect him, but he always turns up when you are wearing a winter coat. He thinks that's funny.

The serious people who weathercast try to outguess him, but he is cleverer than they. Someone once pointed out that no matter how bad the weather, there is always one ray of sun per day. You just have to catch it . . .

Sometimes he peeks out from behind a cloud, winks silently and hides again. Sometimes he wants more attention, so he jumps at you, shouting, "Boo!" That's when you forget your coat on the bus. At other times, he creeps at you and goes for your ankles like a kitten.

"How did I get sunburnt?" you wonder. "I didn't notice the sun."

Serious people tell you winter starts at a certain date and ends at a certain date. Fashion conscious ladies tell you in which months you are supposed to wear winter clothes. But the sun doesn't like to be pinned down to schedules and calendars. He teases everyone by disappearing during Succos and coming back for Chanukah.

Some winters, he outlives his welcome and gets very annoying - - though in a charming way. Yes, we want rain, but just look at this glorious sunshine. Birds and plants get confused, like the almond tree. Is it spring? Did we miss something?

Then the sun gets offended and disappears for such a long time that you begin to despair of ever seeing him again. After picnicking on Chanukah, you curl up next to the radiator on Pesach.

This is so confusing that I don't know whether I have hay fever or just a cold. I sneeze anyway.

And just when you were losing hope, there he comes: BOO! Heat wave! You put your winter clothes away. Two days later, you are freezing again.

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold.

"I don't know what to wear!" you wail.

Happily, fashion conscious ladies will tell you the code: April is Spring: light clothes.

"But I'm cold!"

"What has that got to do with it?"

How are we supposed to teach our children about the seasons? The scoffing sun listens to nobody.

Golden, warm and mischievous, he reminds me of my daughter Chanale.


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