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A Different Journey
Portrait of a typical Israeli Baal Tshuva -- An interview with R' Eliyahu Kaufman

Part I

"I dedicate the story of my life to all my friends out there who haven't been fortunate enough to escape the jaws of secularism. Those of us who were saved have to take up the banner to fight the horrible side effects of secular Zionism."

The Unconditional Love of a Mother and Father -- or a Stepmother or Stepfather
by Devorah Saslow Weinberger

Devorah Saslow Weinberger is a practicing stepmother and facilitates two support groups for stepmothers, or rather, Blended Families -- one in Hebrew and one in English. The views expressed in this article certainly do not reflect her personal life in any way and are merely representative and illustrative of the problems and conflicts that normally face the general public of stepparents.

"I've often wondered where the name `stepparent' comes from. Does it mean `a step' away from the biological parent or a `step' towards him/her?"

A Good Read
by R. Chadshai

Long winter shut-in afternoons coming up. What shall we read?

The Counter-Curse
a story by Shira Shatzberg

Part II

SYNOPSIS: Tzippy Braun is a spoiled youngest child, seventeen years old, trying to escape the overprotection of an older sister. Miri, having just given birth to a premature boy who needs constant doctor's supervision, has moved back home to London pending the baby's improvement.

by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

We are modest in our dress and cautious in what we eat. How about modesty with the mouth?


This letter didn't make it in Elul or Tishrei but is always relevant

The Macrobiotic Diet
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

What do you think of the macrobiotic diet? Does it fight cancer?

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I received a letter from a concerned parent whose child demanded chocolate spread and her mother attempted to neutralize the effects by insisting on the use of whole-wheat bread. She had tried date and carob spread with no success.

Make your marriage last by giving your spouse time to grow with you.

Advice to the newly wed

The Heavenly Tribunal
by Ziporah Zien

For each and every soul, a decision,
For each and every birth is precision.
The past of the parents and their future,
Is taken into account for their nurture.

Will the child, growing up in this home,
Learn the Laws and proceed on its own?
Will the family together find merit,
To encourage this soul and prepare it?

When the ultimate Match is accepted at last
Might the challenge prove too great a task?
Rectification of youthful delusion
Is bound to result in confusion.

Perceiving Hashem's guiding hand
Gives strength to endure the demand.
May the happy and worthwhile conclusion
Produce innate and spiritual fusion!

We live in troubled times, for nearly everyone thinks, "I've got it coming to me."

A Jew is born to serve Hashem, not to have others serve him. Marriage means finding solutions to the problems of, "What does s/he expect of me? Am I his/her servant?"

A good marriage results when both parties wonder, "What can I offer my spouse? How can I help?" False gods and demigods were part of antiquity. Who would want to imitate them after a lifetime of Bais Yaakov and yeshiva education? On the other hand, modern culture which surrounds us offers excuses. Torah- true Jews were always confronted with the most grave challenges.

Why are young couples from good families getting divorced in rising numbers? Let us put on our thinking caps and fill in the blanks with the right answers.

There is no Mister or Miss Perfect. When you settle into a real daily schedule, flexibility must prevail. Learn to build trust. Make your marriage last by giving your spouse time to grow with you.

Hashem provided you with your Match. Give him/her the benefit of the doubt and practice a bit of humility and patience. Then focus on eternity.

And a short one by Carol Ungar

To a Friend...

Take your worry and give it wings
Send it up to the sky, to Hashem,
Converted into a prayer.

Down here, it's a maggot
Tunneling a hole in your heart.
But up there, as a prayer,
It's a butterfly,
Floating gently to Heaven.

Hashem, Himself, will catch it
Into His net
And treasure it,
And make it His own.

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