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Hello Mrs. Weinbach. I meant to write sooner, but didn't get around to it. i just wanted to let you know how much I was inspired by the article on the importance of Amen that you had in the family section a couple of weeks back [Parshas Pekudei, also ParshasTetzave: review on Just One Word: Amen].

The story was so powerful that I shared it with many of my relatives and friends. And all that heard it promised to be more careful with the powerful word, Amen. Thank you for printing the wonderful article [and a great reading section every week!]. Tzipie W.

And a request from Rochel Stefansky, who runs an excellent sheitel gemach in Ezras Torah. She calls it

"A Hair Raising Experience"

It's almost a tradition. Every year, as Pesach approaches, you open up that closet and gingerly peer in to see what can be disposed of, so you can make some order in the overstuffed compartments.

There in the back corner of the shelf lies the Box. You pull it forward, open it up, and draw out the sheitel — yes, the one you bought eight years ago, or is it nine, now, and wore once. Perhaps it wasn't your shade, or the cut wasn't flattering, or it was a touch too short for your taste. You hesitate a moment, turn the wig this way and that, and then just shove it back into the Box. "Maybe one day I'll have it dyed or restyled," you think. And back it goes, in the far corner, for another year.

This year, how about breaking with tradition? Instead of having a repeat performance, opt for a `hair-raising' experience - i.e. raise yourself by doing a mitzva with your hardly used sheitel, and raise the spirits of the grateful one who will receive it. The sheitel that never quite made it for you - might be just what another woman would love - and could never afford to buy.

In a tastefully arranged basement in the vibrant community of Ezras Torah, Yerusholayim, a unique gemach has been functioning for the past eight years, providing inexpensive wigs for women who otherwise would be unable to afford them. The customers range from the Russian kalla who never knew about wigs when she was growing up, to the struggling Kollel wife who is thrilled to replace her shabby five-year- old wedding wig for a fresh, almost-new model.

No effort is spared: the sheitels are washed and set, ready to go, and the selection is extensive, sorted according to kashrus supervision. A nominal sum of 100 shekel is charged for each one, with proceeds going to a local chessed organization helping needy families.

We will be glad to arrange pickup for good quality, slightly used wigs. A sheitel may be "hair today, gone tomorrow" but when it is donated, the merit is yours forever.

Call: 02-538-3130 Fax: 02-538-7751


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