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GSS Foils Attempt to Assassinate HaRav Ovadia Yosef

By Aryeh Zissman

The GSS revealed a plan by a band of Popular Front terrorists to assassinate Shas leader HaRav Ovadia Yosef. The three-man squad planned to carry out the assassination as HaRav Ovadia stepped out of his home in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood, in addition to several other attacks in the city.

Ever since the assassination of Ahmad Yassin, leader of Hamas, terrorist organizations have been trying to strike at ranking Israeli figures. On Sunday the GSS revealed that one month ago it arrested the three members of the Popular Front squad, the East Jerusalem branch of the organization responsible for the murder of Minister Ze'evi Hy"d.

The key activists arrested by the GSS were Salach Hamuri, who holds French citizenship, Motasan Mohamed and Mossa Darwayish, 22. All three live in North Jerusalem.

The GSS investigation shows that in the past year Hamuri forged ties with Popular Front militants following his release from jail. The three set up a band active in East Jerusalem and maintained contact with the organization's ranking figures in Jerusalem and in a Jericho jail. In recent months the band began to purchase weapons and ammunition and to plan attacks in Jerusalem. According to the investigation findings Darwayash suggested the assassination plot to Hamuri, saying that when he worked as a delivery boy for a fast-food restaurant in Givat Shaul's commercial district he found out where HaRav Ovadia lives.

The squad members took advantage of this information and gathered additional data on Rechov Hakablan in Har Nof. They reconnoitered the roads leading to the Shas leader's home and planned their escape route, as well as assessing the security arrangements. The three squad members planned to perpetrate the assassination when the Shas leader left his home in the morning and then flee the scene on motorcycles. The GSS said their arrest prevented the assassination from being carried out.

Shas is now demanding the State post regular bodyguards to protect their leader.


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