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Education Institutions in Petach Tikva Growing Rapidly

By A. Cohen

This year's enrollment increased 15 percent in the educational institutions united under the Department of Chareidi Education and Traditional Jewish Culture in Petach Tikva, where 25 percent of the city's students are now enrolled at chareidi and Torah-based institutions.

The opening of the school year was notable for a total of NIS 1 million in renovation work at chareidi and Torah-based institutions, including day-care centers, over 90 kindergartens, 15 talmudei Torah and girls' schools, 10 yeshivos ketanos and seminaries and 12 kollelim located around the city.

Before the opening of the school year the heads of the chareidi education system in Petach Tikva received blessings from HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, who offered them encouragement and bestowed his blessing on the city's 10,000 chareidi talmidim. Education institutions in Petach Tikva regularly consult with HaRav Shteinman for guidance and advice.

Mayor Yitzchak Ochayoun conducted a comprehensive tour of the city's chareidi institutions accompanied by the heads of the education department, his assistant Mr. Moshe Spector, Rabbi Menachem Schwartz, the director of the Department of Chareidi Education, and City Councilman Rabbi Shlomo Korlansky (Degel HaTorah).

They visited the main Bais Yaakov school, with 560 students, and Siftei Ranenut, which has over 300 students and has to turn away many applicants due to the lack of space.

When they arrived at Yeshivas Or Yisroel in Ganei Hadar the roshei yeshiva thanked the Mayor for his assistance in building the spacious dormitory and for funding to complete the construction of the heichal for the yeshiva's 450 students, who have been studying in overcrowded conditions.

One of the highlights of the tour was a visit to the Nesivos Moshe School downtown, which now has over 300 boys and girls following intensive enrollment drives by Lev L'Achim. The principal of the boys' school, Rav Meir Tanenbaum, and the principal of the girls' school, Mrs. S. Brune, expressed their gratitude to the Mayor for making three new buildings available for the sake of the children and praised the Department of Chareidi Education for renovating and installing air conditioners in the prefab classrooms in such a short period of time and for outfitting them with all the necessary equipment. Mrs. Brune told the Mayor about the great success of the summer program held during the summer break and funded by the department of Chareidi Education. More and more families are choosing to transfer their children from the general education system to education based on Torah and yiras Shomayim, she said.

Mr. Spector reported on the city's long-term plans to allocate land and public buildings for use by the chareidi sector, in light of its high rate of natural increase. He announced that the city is slated to begin construction on four kindergartens for the Pri Megadim institutions, where 700 children from the Ganei Hadar neighborhood are currently enrolled.

After becoming familiar with the needs of the chareidi education system, said the Mayor following the tour, during the course of the coming year he would ensure it is properly funded and construction projects launched to allow the expansion of existing facilities as well as new Torah institutions in Petach Tikva.


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