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In 5769 Every Fourth Child will be Enrolled in Chareidi Education System

by Betzalel Kahn

The number of students enrolled in the education system will rise to 1,456,000 in 5769 (2009) according to projections recently released by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). Enrollment will increase by 75,000 students and the Arab sector will increase by 65,000 students. In contrast secular Jewish government schools will decrease by 42,000 students.

According to these figures, while in 5752 (1992) every tenth student was enrolled in the chareidi education system, in 5769 every fourth student in Jewish schools will be enrolled in the chareidi education system. The increase in the number of students over the next five years is expected to reach 7 percent and the number of teachers should increase by 9 percent.

The recently published figures show that the coming five years are expected to show a total rise of 100,000 students. According to this projection while in 5763 there were 181,000 students enrolled in the chareidi education system (compared to 84,600 in 5752) in 5769 there will be 255,700 kein yirbu. After increasing from 643,000 students in 5752, the secular-Jewish government education system grew to 681,400 in 5763 and is expected to shrink back down to 639,200 in 5769. The government religious student population went up from 179,700 in 5752 to 190,600 in 5763 and is expected to go back down to 180,400 in 5769.

All Jewish schools (chareidi, government-religious and secular) will grow from 1,042,400 students to 1,075,400 students.

The CBS notes that from 5752 to 5763 chareidi enrollment increased at an average annual rate of 10.4 percent compared to 0.5 percent annual growth in government schools.

In the Arab sector the number of students grew from 208,000 in 5752 to 316,000 in 5763, an average annual growth rate of 4.7 percent. According to projections the annual growth rate will diminish to 3.4 percent and the total number of Arab students will reach 381,000 in 5769.

The total number of teachers in the education system is expected to reach 127,000 in 5769, 10,700 more than in 5763. According to the figures for the secular Jewish education system the number of teachers went from 65,342 in 5751 to 95,515 in 5763 and will reach 98,884 in 5769.

In the chareidi education system the number of teachers increased from 3,306 in 5751 to 13,406 in 5763, an annual growth rate of over 25 percent, and their numbers are expected to reach 19,640 in 5769, an annual growth rate of 7.8 percent. Meanwhile the number of teachers in government schools is expected to decrease by nearly 1 percent per year and in government-religious schools to increase by 1.3 percent per year. In the Arab sector the number of teachers rose from 10,000 in 5759 to 21,300 in 5763, an average annual growth rate of 9.4 percent. The total number of teachers in the Arab sector is expected to reach 29,300, an increase of approximately 8,000 teachers over the next five years.


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