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The Correct and Realistic Call to the Jews of France

According to the newspapers, the diplomatic tension that was generated between Israel and France by Prime Minister Sharon's call to French Jews to come to Israel has been relieved. However the obtuseness and absurdity -- not to mention the detachment from reality -- that were obviously behind the prime minister's public pronouncement will unfortunately not go away so quickly.

Purity in Education
by Rabbi N.Z. Grossman

Part I

Recent attempts by Israeli government bodies to interfere with chareidi education have aroused renewed concern in our community, as reported in our paper some weeks ago. Led by HaRav Eliashiv, gedolei Yisroel stated that any changes to Torah education must be resisted and fought with determination. The preservation of the purity of the Torah education that our children receive is one of the linchpins of our educational system.

As Long as the Protective Measures Were Intact, the Arabs Showed No Hatred
by the Yerushalmi Maggid, HaRav Benzion Yadler zt'l

The Anshei Knesses Hagedolah convened towards the end of the Babylonian exile. In their wisdom and with their spirit of holiness, they understood that Yerushalayim had only been destroyed because "people strictly followed the letter of the law" (Bava Metzia 32).

Departing Majesty: Understanding the Special Tefillos of Motzei Shabbos
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

A Royal Farewell

A monarch paid a short visit to a tiny island in his empire. Months of planning and preparation were invested to ensure that the king would receive the honor that befits his royal status. Everything about his visit was grand, but the most striking part was the send-off: a two hundred-piece orchestra played a newly- composed piece to accompany the king's ceremonious departure.

by E. Rauchberger

Sharon's Priorities

Through the negotiating team he set up, Ariel Sharon is conducting negotiations with all the parties that could conceivably join his coalition, but obviously he has certain priorities and preferences.

The New Zealand Dateline

To The Editor:

In the article "A South African Perspective of the Australian Jewish Community" by D Saks, please explain what this statement means, at the end of paragraph 3:

The Real Geirei Tzedek

To The Editor:

Further to "The Immigrant Conversion Industry" (Tammuz 25), in order to save would-be proselytes from the ignominy of "insincere converts, . . . when the War of Gog and Magog comes, each of them will throw off the precepts and go on their way" (Avodah Zora 3), is reason enough to adhere to the Torah-true laws of conversion!

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