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Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Diplomate, Board Certification of Emergency Medicine

If you let fears run your shidduchim you will cause yourself untold grief. If you are presented with a prince with some background of disease -- check into it with a reliable physician, not a well-meaning but misinformed neighbor. Many of us carry some bad genes, and if you find someone who doesn't, what guarantee do you have that they won't, Rachmono litzlan, die young of cancer or trauma?

Psychiatric disease can be a cause of a ruinous marriage, but many people with depression and manic depression function very well with new medications. Most people cannot even tell. Schizophrenia is tougher and we have no good treatments for personality disorders, but again do not make this decision without consulting with someone.

Diabetics today do very well. We have a neighbor with three beautiful children who has a wonderful marriage yet she is diabetic.

Endometirosis is a tough disease that can cause pregnancy to be difficult to achieve.

Obesity can be inherited, as can be heart disease, but we have good screening tests now. There is a fearful gene called BRAC which can cause ovarian and mammary cancer in female offspring and can cause cancer in male offspring as well. People with history of such in their family should be screened. There are many other genetic diseases but again, not all genetic diseases are passed down 100 percent.

In Sephardim, we often see a disease called FMF which causes fever abdominal pain and kidney failure, they as well get g6pd, a disease where their blood cells can be destroyed by certain medications and by fava beans. Ashkenazim get many diseases that are genetic, by far the most common is Tay Sachs, a tragic disease where children die at a young age of lack of an important enzyme in the brain. Write me in care of the Yated.

A message from GlaxoSmithKline, sponsor of this column. Seroxat is one of the medications that make depressed people functional again. If you know of someone with depression, Seroxat can make a real difference. It has been found to be very safe as well.


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