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Clever Mom
by Miriam Flam

Feminine intuition, to do what is right for our children, implanted in Chava, inherited in our genes from Sora, Rivka...

Rosh Hashana Revisited
by Chava Dumas

The awe of the Yomim Noraim usually doesn't wear off right away. The awareness of Hashem's Presence in which we were immersed for the months of Elul and Tishrei doesn't just evaporate by Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan or Kislev.

Mother's Milk:
The Best Formula for Baby's Nutrition

by Yonina Hall

With all the talk about infant formula and quality control in baby-food production, why isn't anyone talking about the miraculous system that Hashem created to nourish babies for their first year of life and beyond?

by Ziporah Zien

He doesn't dangle benefits to tease you...

He shows the goods, inspiring you to ask!

A special Segula, they say, for blessings of all kinds, is to open up your mouth when it is raining, and drink in the blessing from Heaven, and make your request, directly!

by Rifca Goldberg

No misspelling -- these so-elusive blinding flashes truly enlighten eyes, hearts, soul!


As always, Rosally Saltsman has provided us with a very interesting and well-written article (Cheshvan, "Pay Slip").

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

QI received a very nice letter from a retired physician who is taking medication for pain. While I am against Vioxx, I also feel that at his age taking NSAIDs -- the ibuprofen type drugs -- is a high risk for bleeding in the digestive tract. Alternatives include Paracetomol, the cheapest and with the best track record, Algolysine Forte -- a mild reliever -- and various pain therapies such as TENS or pain clinics.

Fast Mood Boosters: Quick & Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirits and Keep Fit
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Feeling down in the dumps? Don't have to get-up-and-go to work or the gym? What you need is a quick boost, something that can raise your energy and adjust your attitude in a month, a week, even a minute. So whenever your happy engine is running on fumes, try the following for some high-octane mood juice.


Soup for (Everlasting) Lunch

by Tzipora Zien

When we cook a homemade soup or some other tasty food
We must balance the amounts of all the flavors we include.

Lots of water in the pot, so much onion and a root,
A bit of oil, a dash of salt and whatever else will suit.

Yes, the eye reacts to color! Add some pepper, green or red!
One could please the palate nicely with some cabbage -- half a head.

And if hearty dishes suit you and the broth should come out thick,
Add a bone and some potatoes for a satisfying lick.

Yes, the married life resembles, if you please, a balanced broth,
Serve with silver spoons and china on a linen tablecloth.

While the water boils together all the flavors in the pot,
It prevents the food from burning, though the flame beneath is hot.

Thus the Torah guards the couple as they pass on through life's flame,
And their talents slowly merger as they share all praise or blame.

What one lacks, the other offers; let their giving bring reward.
Satisfaction should fulfill each step they take to reach accord.

One who seeks true sholom bayis knows concessison is a treasure,
As you strive for mutual gain, you should use true weights and measures.

May Hashem, the Master Planner, Who conceived these precious two,
Stir the spice of their life's challenge into one delicious stew!

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