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Home and Family

by Ziporah Zien

The good and sweet year for which we petitioned has begun. In The Book of Our Heritage by R' Eliyohu Kitov, we are told that when it is raining, Hashem has opened the Divine Warehouse and Treasury. Rain is the most fortunate gift that Hashem can give us while we are alive, for all of life depends on it. Therefore, if He grants us rain, it is a sign that He is prepared to bless us with whatever we really care to ask for.

Three keys rest specifically in His hand alone: rain, birth and the revival of the dead. Pray for these when it rains this winter, and may our generous Father, the King, empty out the Royal treasury to bless us all by granting these requests!

[Editor's Note: It is advisable to make a brochoh on something else before drinking rain.]


Refreshing winds bear cooling, autumn fragrance
And rustling leaves collect in shady corners.
All congregate, the season's welcome vagrants,
Those fortunate, will vacate chairs for mourners.

Examining their deeds between stern verses
The worshipers are reverent and sober.
They fear the just rebuke of Heaven's curses
And teardrops fall, as muffled sobs spill over.

Just then, the ear perceives a blessed silence,
The whispered prayer of legions of His servants,
They plumb their hearts to seek sincere contrivance
And would not dare admit a slight disturbance.

Some children are parading down the alley,
Their cushioned shoes make running a delight,
Oblivious they are to count and tally
They simply can't sit still until the night.

Yet, back inside the building, awe of Heaven
Will reign as long as services are held,
The Shema will be repeated: One times Seven
As fear, like breath, the faithful mouths expel.

Their thoughts soon turn to outdoor huts and menus
The branches of the palm in rows are laid
A citron is acquired for each `rabbenu',
Where willow branch and myrtle are displayed.


Soon, all these holy days have spent their grace,
Where love of kin and Torah sparked the days,
We all resume our daily schedule pace
While pledging to improve our wanton ways.

Like nomads in the sky, the clouds are forming
Reminding us to change our daily plea
And so, we pray for rain with winds and storming
Let Heaven grant a kind and just decree.

Hashem, the King and Ruler, holds three blessings,
Which no one else is able to bestow
While normally, He's busy with assessing
Here comes a chance that no one should forgo!

Yes, when precipitation makes its entrance
And starts to shower raindrops all around,
That's when we feel results of Heaven's sentence
Which rinses leaves and softens up the ground.

The storehouse is unlocked! Come view the treaures!
Such jewels for the asking, laid to view!
I'd love to ask for blessings without measure,
For opportune advancement! Wouldn't you?

Come, join us while it rains to sate your pleasure
Intent of each request, be whole and pure,
Don't think that man is blessed with wanton leisure!
Consider what our Patriarch endured!*

If this celestial stockpile is for keeping,
What benefit would mankind stand to gain?
Just as we practiced penitently weeping,
May Heaven grant relief through blessed rain!

Hashem's eternal hand unlocks the portions
Of rain and newborn life, as we deserve,
Bestows in grand and generous proportions,
The treasure house is open: Gather nerve!

For if we are allowed to see such treasures
Which come intrinsically through wind and rain,
Then know that He can grant us any measure
Of grace, which Jewish souls might like to gain!

So open wide your mouths for what would please you,
For basic gifts with no long strings attached!
He doesn't dangle benefits to tease you...
He shows the goods, inspiring you to ask!

For surely, as we long to do His bidding,
He longs to take us back in joy and pride!
Don't bid for less than swift, complete Redemption!
Revival of the dead! May He preside!

(* Yaakov Ovinu thought he would settle in Eretz Yisroel and live in tranquility, but his beloved Yosef was sold into slavery...)


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