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Bnei Brak is Israel's Most Crowded City
by G. Kleiman

Data for 2001-2002 released by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) shows Bnei Brak is the most crowded city in Israel. The report covers various categories, and surveys the 13 largest cities in the country which all have a population of more than 100,000 residents.

Rishon Letzion is the most spacious city and has the lowest rate of traffic accidents, infant mortality and unemployment. Ashkelon posted the highest infant morality and unemployment rates. Be'er Sheva had the highest rate of road accidents and the lowest prices for apartments. Tel Aviv posted the highest average apartment price.

The unemployment rate in some cities: Ashkelon (17%), Be'er Sheva (14.8%), Bnei Brak (10.6%), Tel Aviv-Jaffa (10%), Jerusalem (9.2%), Ramat Gan (7.8%) and Petach Tikva (7.6%).

The cities where education outlays per student are highest include Tel Aviv (NIS 1,820), Rishon Letzion (NIS 1,534) and Be'er Sheva (NIS 1,413); the lowest outlays per student were in Jerusalem (NIS 907), Haifa (NIS 830) and Bat Yam (NIS 804).

Leading the list of welfare costs are Tel Aviv (NIS 885 per person), Be'er Sheva (NIS 625) and Ashkelon (NIS 600); at the bottom of the list are Jerusalem (NIS 471), Ashdod (NIS 445) and Holon (NIS 431).

The only cities with a positive migration balance are Ashdod and Rishon Letzion. The greatest out-migration is from Jerusalem (6,000 people), followed by Bnei Brak (4,000), Bat Yam and Haifa (2,600 each), Holon (1,700), Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan (1,400 each) and Petach Tikva and Netanya (400 each).

Last year the most crowded conditions were found in Bnei Brak (19,500 inhabitants per square kilometer), Bat Yam (16,300) and Ramat Gan (9,300). In contrast Rishon Letzion had only 4,130 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The 13 most populated cities were Jerusalem (680,000 inhabitants), Tel Aviv (360,000), Haifa (271,000), Rishon Letzion (212,000), Ashdod (188,000), Be'er Sheva (182,000), Petach Tikva (173,000), Holon (166,000), Netanya (165,000), Bnei Brak (139,000), Bat Yam (134,000), Ramat Gan (127,000) and Ashkelon (105,000) -- kein yirbu.

The report listed Bnei Brak as the city with the longest life expectancy.

Infant mortality rates were as follows: Ashkelon (7.6 deaths per thousand births), Jerusalem (6.5), Bat Yam (6.4%), Haifa (6.1%), Netanya (5.4) Ashdod (5.3), Tel Aviv-Jaffa (5.2), Be'er Sheva (5), Holon (4.1), Petach Tikva (3.1), Ramat Gan (2.7) and Rishon Letzion (2.3).


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