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Enrollment Up in Bnei Brak
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A total of 53,800 students, kein yirbu, took to the classrooms at various schools and kindergartens in Bnei Brak this year, up from 52,100 last year, posting the largest relative increase in the entire Dan Region.

According to City Secretary and Spokesman Avrohom Tanenbaum, 1,578 children are enrolled in chareidi kindergartens ("gan chova"), 2,484 in chareidi nursery schools, 203 in chareidi special-education kindergartens and nursery schools, 64 in government kindergartens and nursery schools, 498 in government-religious kindergartens and nursery schools and 31 in government-religious special-education kindergartens and nursery schools.

At the elementary school level 13,580 students are enrolled in 27 chareidi schools, 1,378 students are enrolled in 6 government-religious schools and 11,232 students are enrolled in 48 municipal and public talmudei Torah.

In the upper grades, 7,320 students are enrolled in yeshivos ketanos, 4,485 girls are enrolled at seven high schools and 2,130 students are enrolled in one government and five government-religious schools.

This year 15 new classrooms are slated to open in Bais Yaakov schools with the help of Mifal Hapayis funding. The new facilities, at a cost of NIS 6 million, include kindergarten classrooms and a gymnasium and assembly hall, replacing temporary, prefab classrooms.

The government-religious special-education school relocated from Rechov HaRav Uziel to a part of the Lapidot government- religious school due to poor conditions. Before the move approximately NIS 500,000 was spent on renovations and improvements including air conditioning. Talmud Torah Darkei Ish will take over the old facility.

Based on a new law that takes effect nationwide this year any parent with a child in a special-education program can request to have the child mainstreamed into a regular school. A committee is responsible for making decisions regarding the requests.

Many roshei yeshivos have also begun accepting talmidim with special needs. The city participates in funding transportation costs and a decision regarding mainstreaming is currently being advanced in the City Placement Committee.

The Department for the Advancement of Youth, the Municipal Department of Education and the Department of Social Services are working on arrangements to send hard-to-place talmidim to various Torah institutions around the country--in Ashdod, Nachliel and Kfar Zeitim, for example-- where limudei kodesh are combined with work in orchards and animal husbandry.

Despite the current financial circumstances Mayor Rabbi Yissochor Frankentahl, along with municipality board members and Education Department heads Rabbi Yissochor Dov Beigel and Mr. Yaakov Solar, and Department Director Rabbi Yohonoson Safra, has decided to spend NIS 1 million to replace worn desks and chairs in various schools and to purchase furnishings for new classrooms, using Mifal Hapayis and municipality funding.


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