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Rav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz: "Talmidim from Abroad Currently in Eretz Yisroel Should Let Their Parents Know Everyone Will be Safe."
by A. Cohen

"All talmidim from abroad currently staying in Eretz Yisroel should let their parents know that everyone will be safe. For when children stay in Eretz Yisroel occupied with Hashem's Torah this is the best, most secure shelter to defend and save the entire world, and only through those engaged in Torah will rescue and salvation come," said HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz during a talk he gave to bnei Torah from abroad at Yeshivas Daromah in Bnei Brak. "Only through those engaged in Torah will rescue and salvation come, and thus parents back home can rest assured.

"The signs of tzoros and Golus in what is unfolding before our eyes around the world are signs of the coming Redemption. When Pharaoh pursued Bnei Yisroel the Torah relates, `And Bnei Yisroel cried out to Hashem,' and later it says tefilloh can bring victory, and defeat all of the nations of the earth."

During his talk Rav Lefkowitz quoted Rabbenu Bachyeh who writes, "And know that matters surrounding this first exile hint at this last exile we are now in, with servitude and suffering waiting, and returning and waiting. And if the Redemption tarries, it is all only to increase our wages and to benefit us in the end, by increasing misfortune and punishment for those who are enslaved among us. Similarly in this future Redemption when the final redeemer is revealed hatred will rise up between the Nations and Yisroel, and they will further enslave us and the redeemer will be revealed and once again be concealed in order to lead the Nations astray and to harden their hearts. When the end draws near there will be more and more severe tzoros, which is a sign of Israel's salvation" (see end of Parshas Shemos).

"All of Creation was created for Klal Yisroel," continued HaRav Lefkowitz, "and everything that takes place in the world is so that Klal Yisroel wake up and come closer to HaKodosh Boruch Hu through tefilloh. Says the Medrash Rabboh, `HaKodosh Boruch Hu said for the sake of this rose, the garden will be spared' (Shir Hashirim 2:2), and in the merit of Torah and those who study it, the world will be spared.

"People are seeking various means and devices to save themselves from the terror of war, yet we have nothing to lean on other than our Father in Heaven. The greatest rescue, the most secure shelter are botei knesses and botei medroshos where people sit and learn Torah. We must strengthen ourselves in tefilloh and pray for Klal Yisroel. [We must] feel HaKodosh Boruch Hu's sorrow, for 'imo Onochi betzoroh.' We must pray from the depths of our hearts and improve our Torah learning, our ma'asim tovim and our acts of chesed. Then we can be assured that HaKodosh Boruch Hu will defend and watch over us, and we will merit the complete Redemption speedily in our days, Amen."


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